Friday, February 12, 2010

A Gift in the Snow

My twitter stream and facebook updates have been inundated with talk about the snow that has buried us here in Delaware.

Throughout the past week the talk has taken on multiple tones.  At first there was excitement at the thought of getting a real snowstorm (well at least from those of us who actually like snow, for others their tone never changed throughout the storms, they hated it from the first forecast!).  Then there was a slightly concerned tone as we were told we would be measuring snowfall in feet and grocery stores ran out of milk and eggs.  The excitement eventually came back around though as people got off work, families built snowmen, and everybody was busy taking pictures of the gorgeous scenery that surrounded us.

That was the first snowstorm.
The one that left us with between 1-2ft.
Then came the forecast of another storm.
Another storm for the record books.
Another storm to possibly be measured in feet.

This time the excitement was there for only a select few.  Most skipped right to the concerned tone as they hunted for groceries, prepared to lose power, and wondered where they were going to put the new snow they were going to have to shovel.  As one snow day turned into two, then three, then the rest of the week, and half of the next, people began to become frantic.  You could hear panic in their posts as people started questioning when they were going to be able to leave their houses, get away from their kids, and back to their normal lives.

The snow had made us all STOP!
We couldn't go to work, make that meeting, attend the school functions, or run to dance/music/sports practice.  There were no lunch dates or dinners out.  The world had stopped spinning for a few precious days and we didn't know how to function.

For me, I didn't have anything to really complain about.  We had food, water, heat, and electricity so life was pretty good.  We spent days in front of the fireplace, playing Wii and board games, making snow cream and popcorn in a pan, baking cookies, and cooking real dinners.  We painted, built Lego creations, and played with blocks.  I was entertained by a princess, puppet shows, dance routines, magic tricks, and jokes.  Of course there was movie night too where we all sat on the couch, in total darkness, eating popcorn and candy, while laughing together.

Now I wouldn't be honest if I didn't admit there was also a lot of time spent twittering, blogging, facebooking, and reading for me.  Computer games, cartoons, and Nintendo DS's for the kiddos.  Of course there were fights, yelling, tears, and timeouts.  I mean, hello, we were stranded in our house with now escape!   

But, God gave me a wonderful gift this week.

A gift that forced me to stop, slow down, and do nothing, but enjoy the blessings that are right in front of me. 

And even though it came with some bickering, whining, and stir-craziness, I wouldn't return this gift for the world!

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  1. I think that sometimes these situations are for the purpose of just bringing our families together.

    Hugs! are you dug out yet? ;o)

  2. I agree! I have really enjoyed these snow days this year. Being home with my kiddo & hubs was great!

  3. Awww seee!!! There's that silver lining I've been looking for! Way to go mom!!

  4. I'm with you -- although I'd LIKE to complain about being "stuck" inside with a 4 yr old, it really was nice to have time with him. And I could tell he loved it too! We played, painted, made cookies, went for a walk... it was fantastic! Only wish hubby had been home to enjoy it!

  5. Aw, this is awesome! And so true- Our family has gotten so much closer over this winter, and have had our share of arguments. But I think it's getting through the disagreements and realizing you will always love each other that make a family strong, kwim?

  6. So glad you've been enjoying yourself, even amongst the bickering.

    I am SO ready for spring right now though.


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