Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard Begins

The weathermen began to talk about the "big blizzard" at the beginning of the week. All the hype began with the forecast of the "biggest storm we've seen in a long time", "won't be measuring snowfall in inches, but feet", a storm that "you better stock up for."

Needless to say in Delaware where the snow barely falls and an inch will close schools, people began panicking. Word was that by Thursday evening if you didn't have milk then you were out of luck. That went for eggs and bread too, cause you know everybody gets that urge to make French Toast in a snowstorm.

Friday we headed to school and received the gift of early dismissal by 11:30am. However, there wasn't a snowflake to be found anywhere in Delaware. I took advantage of early dismissal to go hunting for some snow boots that would be tall enough for all the snow that was about to bury us. Forget the grocery store...priorities people, must shop for shoes first. I was thrilled when I discovered these at the Bass outlet.

The tiny little flakes started falling around 3, but didn't really stick very well at first. This was our back yard by 8pm. The snow you see was left over from our storm last weekend where we got about 10". Over by the tree on the right you can see the grass and a dusting from the new storm.

Flash forward to waking up this morning to the sleet hitting the outside of my bedroom wall. I was disappointed to see that instead of the white stuff it was nothing but freezing rain. However, I was soon to become much happier. Since about noon it's been quite the blizzard outside, with blowing snow. This is the same picture as above taken around 4 this afternoon.

Dave and the kids decided to brave the blizzard so they bundled up to head out for a bit.

Of course, I couldn't miss out on capturing some pictures for the blog and Facebook the fun so I bundled up too. So what if it was for a whole 5 minutes. I managed to get a few shots...

Zoe thought that inside a pine tree was the perfect place to hide from the blowing snow.

Oh and did I mention it is coming down strong?!
To be continued...


  1. Beautiful pictures! Stay warm!

  2. dang! that's a lot! We got 5in and I thought that was bad lol

  3. Is it too mean of me to say I'm glad that's not my yard? ;o)

    Stay warm!


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