Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dream Room

Our house fits our family nicely.

We have the open living space that I love, and will always be a must have in our home, with an open kitchen, dining room, and living room. Everybody has their own bedroom, the kids have their own bathroom (not they ever use it), and hubby and I have ours.

Then, we also have an extra room that serves as a playroom, guest room, office, and storage room. Gotta love those all purpose rooms. And we can't forget about the garage. We have one of those too and despite its main purpose, it does not house our vehicles, but rather tools, toys, bikes, and other junk essential items that every family must have.

It works for us.

The other day I was reading one of my magazines about the Spelling mansion and all the rooms that it has in it. When I got over the initial reaction of "Oh my gosh, I would HATE to clean all that" (yes, I realize they hire people, but still I would not even want to be those "people") I was intrigued with the purpose of some rooms. There were the multiple bedrooms and bathrooms of course with their closets that make me drool, but then there were weight rooms, a movie room, a bowling alley, a pet room, a library, a scrap booking room, a craft room, and even a gift wrapping room, which I had never seen before. I'm sure I'm missing some of the other rooms, but you get the point...there were a lot of them.

That got me thinking.
If I had an insane amount of money and could build a house with as many rooms as I wished, what rooms would I want?

I think I would go with...
  • A massive closet as big, if not bigger, than my bedroom, with those handy organizer systems.
  • A library with floor to ceiling bookshelves in that dark cherry. Oh and I would definitely want those big ladders too that slide back and forth so you can reach the books way up top. Belle would be so jealous!!
  • Why not throw in one of those gift wrapping rooms too? Pretty ingenious actually. That way I don't have to keep pulling that under bed storage container, that I currently use, in and out. That would solve the problem of always stubbing my toe on it when I don't get it all the way under too.
It's always fun to dream!
So tell me, what room would you design?


  1. Our house is actually too big for us. We have two extra bedrooms and the "weird closet" (I think it was supposed to be an upstairs laundry room) and a basement...and all the extra space does is collect more stuff that we don't need. I need to figure out a system for stopping new junk from entering my house. Just last night I decided to make a recycling bin for junk mail in my garage so that I don't even bring it in the door.
    Now to tackle the rest of the house!

    oh and I'm so with you on those super huge homes...there's a neighborhood near me with multi-million dollar homes (don't they know the houses next door sell for less than $300K?) that I ponder who buys these things? Course I know the answer for at least one of the homes...NO ONE! It has never been lived in.

  2. Oh man I would love to have a movie theater in my house! It would be so nice to have that feel without all the people jabbering around you. I would also want a huge kitchen that would be filled to the gills with pampered chef "stuff".

  3. Oh I would have to steal your library idea. My husband and I would love to one day have a house that we could turn one of the rooms into a library. It would certainly be better then what we have now....which is 3 to 4 bookcases in every room filled with books (some stacked behind each other on the shelf) and boxes piled in the corner....That is my dream..

  4. That's is a tough one! I think I would have to go with a 3-season room and get rid of the disgusting concrete patio we have now. I would love a nice, screened in room with some comfy seating where we could be outside more often.

    We have a house that suits us very well too. It's a split and I just love it.

  5. I love our home because it's just that...a home. A house is a building filled with stuff; a home is a house filled with love. With that having been said however, I'd accept a few "up-grades!"
    1. a library...filled to the gills with books, AR coded, pretty please!!
    2. a scrapbooking and craft room with a hi-tech fingerprint sensor lock on it (to keep a certain little girl from using all of my stuff!)
    3. I'm a fair mommy--a little girl craft room, filled with supplies for little girls to use :)
    4. indoor pool/hot tub
    5. a mini movie theatre
    6. a "game" room, spacious enough for wild Wii moments :)
    7. an office for myself and one for Daddy (that means, one that will be organized and one that would be "organized" his way!!)

    Ok, I guess I really am a little high maintenance like he says :) It never hurts to dream!!


Go ahead...tell me like it is!

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