Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All That's Left is For Me To Run

My Ipod is charged.
The running playlist programmed.
Nike+ ready to record my distance and speed.
I even got some new running sneakers.

Yep, all that's left for me is to put it all together and get out there and run!!

Hmm, maybe I need to get some cheerleaders??
or butt kickers?

Any volunteers??


  1. ME ME ME!!! **raising my hand like a 3rd grader!!!

    ME ME ME!! I will be your cheerleader or but kicker! whateva you desire!!

    Get out there and run!! You love it! you need it!! you can do it!!

    <3 jen

  2. Go on! Get out there!!!

    You can do it and you have to do it cause who else am i going to look up to when this baby finally does decide to vacate my body!

    I need my inspiration and you are it so get on it and dont let me down!

    How was that? I hope it worked!

  3. Go Mel Go!
    Go Mel Go!
    Go Mel Go!
    Go Mel Go!
    Go Mel Go!
    Go Mel Go!
    Go Mel Go!

  4. virtual cheerleader GOOOOOOO !!!!

  5. I'm impressed that you're still running!! I need to get back to exercising regularly. Sigh...

  6. I can cheer you on AND whoop yo butt!!!

    @reply me or comment me whenever you need a pick me up!!! :D

    you can do it! :D



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