Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rewind to Simpler Times

This week has been so busy with trips to waterparks, beach days, hanging out with friends, and taking long walks that I just realized I haven't been around here in a few days.

You know what though?
I honestly have been ok with it.

Usually when I think about going MIA from the computer I start to shake, my palms get sweaty, and my blood pressure rises. Ok so maybe that is a bit extreme, but you get my point. I don't much like being separated from my bloggy world. However, I've had so much fun this past week that I've been second guessing the importance I place on the blogosphere.

Like many people I originally started the blog to keep family and friends updated on what was happening. Then I made it more about me as I shared stories of teaching, being a working mom, and my weight loss journey. I also added some random musings here and again when I had something I wanted to say. It worked for me and blogging was fun. A hobby that I enjoyed.

Then I started becoming slightly obsessive about it. I was always on the lookout for my next post. I was more worried about writing about life than actually getting out and living it. I started writing for a couple other blogs, adding reviews to my blog, and in my own little head began striving towards becoming a blogger elite. Or at least a minor league blogger. Anyways, blogging started becoming a job and writing was becoming work.

I've always admired the mommybloggers who update daily, get the awesome products, and have sponsors coming out of the wazoo, but what I tend to overlook is that they work their bottoms off to get there. For most of them, blogging is what they do. It is their job. They work hard and are rewarded for their efforts.

But for me, I already have a job. A job that I think is pretty important. I make a difference in a child's life. I inspire them. Instill in them a love of learning. Teach them to be a productive citizen. I may not get Frigidaire appliances, trips to Disney, be a Walmart blogger, or attend the latest blog conferences, but I get even better perks...the smiles, the hugs, the joy of seeing pride erupt from a child who just realized they "got it."

So for me I'm going back to simpler times. Times when my blog was my blog and I only blogged for me. I may not ever be on any top ten mommy blogger list, but I think I'm gonna have a great chance of getting to the top mommy list with my kiddos and maybe even top teacher list too!


  1. I saw your comment at We Are THAT Family. I haven't been blogging long, but I am trying to remember to keep things balanced. It seems like so much of life is about balance. Anyway, if I start to feel obsessive about blogging, I remind myself that first I need to live a life worth blogging. It's a good reality check.

  2. I agree with you so much! A couple months ago i found myself obsessed with how many visitors i had and how many comments i was getting. I felt bad if i didn't update everyday and it was becoming a chore (and i hate chores).

    So i took a step back. Now i post maybe 3 times a week or more if i feel the want. I lost a lot of readers but i don't really care. My blog is nothing more than an outlet for my emotions and a chronicle of my life as a mom, woman, and wife.

    I love reading your blog but i also love to hear that you are enjoying your life.

    As Jennifer said about you have to live a life worth blogging about and you cant do that chained to a computer 24/7.

  3. I have no desire to hold reviews and get swag. For me, my blog is just my own personal space, to write about my musings and report on local events around me and my family. Otherwise, it would just seem work. Work that you don't get paid well for (if at all). I probably could make more Ebaying than being a mommy blogger lol. I'm a D- blogger, but I'm ok with that :-)

  4. I'm with you all the way sister!

  5. Whew ... I had feared,while reading this, that you were going to be abandoning blogging altogether, which would be a sad thing indeed because you are among my must-reads each day. But yet, as you so wisely said, there are times when you need to step back and with the new school year approaching, that certainly makes sense.

    My New Year's resolution was to blog every day, at least one post per day. Then, in mid-March, Betty came home sick from school - and between going to the pediatrician, getting her medicine, and staying with her as she fell asleep, I didn't get a post written that day. I'm ashamed to admit that I actually did think of this, and was frustrated by it. My husband said, "She needed you more tonight than the blog did," and he was so right. Since then, I've learned that our lives won't end if I don't blog every day.

    Quite the opposite: we will live.

  6. We could all learn a little from this post. At least I know I could! ; )

    I know my blogging habits will change in a couple of months when baby comes and it's probably MORE than needed...

  7. I totally hear you! I struggle with that myself. My blog really is a hobby, but sometimes I act like it's my job! Not that I would object to that since I don't work outside the home right now. I'm working on finding the right balance. Love ya - I think you're a top ten blogger for all your readers! :)

  8. Awesome site. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

  9. Well said, my friend...


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