Friday, July 10, 2009

The Week Comes To An End

After deciding it was time to enjoy summer vacation, we had quite the week.

We spent one whole day at the beach with friends. The kids had a blast playing with their friends and I got to sit and chat with two of my best friends so it was a lovely day.

Zoe decided it was time to ride "two-wheeled on my bike" so the training wheels came off and the practicing has begun. She is doing pretty well and I think she'll be a pro by next week.

Zoe wanted to treat the family to dessert one night so we broke out her cupcake maker/decorator to see what it could do. She baked a cupcake for each of us, frosted them, and added a lot of sprinkles. Brother helped her by being her taste tester!

Then today we spent pretty much all day at a local waterpark. It's the perfect size for both of the kids and for me not to feel frazzled all day. Both of the kids had friends meet us there so they were happy as clams. Zoe surprised me by going down every single waterslide by herself, multiple times. Last year we went down one time and she hated every second, but this year she marched right up the stairs and never looked back. She said she just had to be 4 to do it!

The bigger waterslides that all the kids had a blast on.

Zoe decided to relax on her way down the slide.

Dylan and his buddy enjoyed lounging in the lazy river.

Zoe started at the small frog slide, but quickly moved up to the big kids slides.

Watch out cause she was out to spray anybody who came near.

The boys took some time to hang out under the mushroom.

We have a fun-filled weekend planned too. Dyl's friend came home to spend the night with us so it's been hopping at our house tonight. Tomorrow we are dropping him off as we make our way to my parents house for the weekend. Mom is joining the kids and I to go see Bugs Bunny on Broadway tomorrow night and then Sunday we are meeting Dave in DC to spend the day visiting museums. It's been awhile since we have played tourists around the mall in DC and it was on Dylan's summer to-do list so he is pretty excited.

Then next week we are having a few guests coming to spend some days at the beach with us so the fun continues.

Summer now feels like it is in full swing and I couldn't be happier. I love being busy, hanging out with friends and family, and just enjoying all life has to offer!


  1. So funny...I'm a teacher too and I decided that today finally felt like summer began! It was a slow start this year and will be over before we know it!

  2. looks like you guys are having a blast!!! that waterpark looks like so much fun!!!

  3. Looks like you have been having a lot of fun. Good for Zoe, learning to ride her bike. My big girls learned last year and have been loving riding around the back yard. We are so looking forward to hainging out with you guys on Monday. See you then!

  4. when do we get to come and play??


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