Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kid Conversations

I overheard this conversation as Dylan was helping Zoe create a Mii for the Wii

Dylan - "What do you want your Mii to look like?"
Zoe - "I want to be tall and skinny!"

Don't we all, babe, don't we all?!

Zoe caught a "wish" when we were outside the other night, which sparked this conversation.

Zoe - "Mommy, if I make a wish will it really come true?"
Before I had a chance to answer, Dylan piped in.
Dylan - "Well it has to be a realistic wish. You can't be a princess or a mermaid or anything like that."

Dylan and his friend were watching Nemo and our Starfish in the fish tank when I overheard this...

Friend - "What is that stuff growing on the walls?"
Dylan - "Oh that is just allergies."
Otherwise known as algae.

During a car ride with lots of bickering, arguing, and hitting from both sides, Zoe got in a hit to the face.

Dylan - "Thanks a lot Zoe, you just gave me a blank eye."
Me - "Well Dyl at least she didn't give you a black eye."
Dylan - "Mooom. That is what I meant. She gave me a black eye."
Just for the record though there was not any blank or black eyes!


  1. Supermodel in the making! Tall and skinny will always be a dream for me lol.

    And that blank eye must have been for dashing her hopes of one day being a princess.

    Very cute!

  2. "That is just allergies!" hahaha!!!

    We have lots of allergies in our tank right now, lol.

    Kids crack me up!


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