Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blogger's Worst Nightmare

The other day hubby discovered that our electronics cabinet hanging on the wall was falling apart. As in the wood was separating and the cabinet was tilting. It's the cabinet that contained the radio, cd player, Wii, DVD/VCR, DVR, modem, and wireless router, the heavy stuff. Did I mention it also had two glass doors? Oh and that it hangs directly above the glass fish tank? Just a tad bit scary.

Thankfully though he realized this before anything dreadful happened!

Now one of the many things that I absolutely love about my husband is that he can fix just about anything. Something breaks, I tell him and voila it's fixed. Now granted it is done on his own time schedule which means patience is sometimes needed, but it does eventually get fixed.

So three weeks later (we had taken everything out and hubby had stabilized the cabinet so it wouldn't fall), down came the cabinet. Within a day hubby had it all put back together and up on the wall. Never mind the wires and tools still strewn about the living room, the cabinet is fixed.

So where does the nightmare from my title come in?

Well as he was putting the most important things back in the know the modem and wireless router he discovered that our wireless thing-a-ma-jig died. Done. Dead. Kaput. Not good!

However, I did say that my hubby is Mr. Fix-It so he was able to at least rig something up so I could plug the ye old phone cord into my laptop and get my Internet fix. Honestly, he probably did this more for his own sanity to keep me from whining, but it was much appreciated. Then yesterday the lovely Mr. UPS man delivered our brand new, beautiful router. Hubby got it up and running in a jiffy and all was again right with the world!

The End.


  1. YAY hubby!

    Love a handy guy...just not his mess. ;)

  2. My hubby is handy, as well. Makes things so much better, when you don't have a lot of money to spend to hire someone to fix stuff! Glad the end result was a good one.

  3. How could we not follow someone on twitter with the word chocolate in their blog title?

    Jessica - TMH

  4. The other day a shelf fell off of our wall and our 5 disc DVD player broke! I was so mad! At least your hubby is handy though, because my husband didn't have a clue as to how to fix it.


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