Friday, July 31, 2009

10 Years Can Really Fly By

Ten years ago, today, hubby and I said the big "I DO" and we never looked back.

We've had bad days, but can count many more good ones.
We've shared tears, but thankfully even more laughs.
Through it all, he's "Still The One."

We have quite the weekend celebration planned and I can't wait for it to begin.
Tonight my inlaws are watching the kids so we can go out to dinner and a movie. We will be feasting on fish tacos, guacamole, and margarita's! After dinner Harry Potter will be joining our date. My date outfit is all laid out and I can't wait to get dressed up.

Then tomorrow morning my dad will be coming to stay for a few days and he is watching the kids for the night while we run away. We got married in a little coastal town in Maryland on the end of a pier and it just so happens that we know somebody who has a house on that little island and was nice enough to allow us to stay there for the night. Unfortunately, hubby works on Saturday so we will leave when he gets home for the hour drive. We're planning on crabs at a restaurant on the water Saturday night, then a quiet night in. Sunday it's a quiet, peaceful breakfast at a local restaurant, and then walk around the town all without chasing two kids around. Sweet!!

Writing this makes me feel giddy just thinking about our time together. I cannot wait!

Of course without my hubby there wouldn't be an anniversary to celebrate so I have to say, thank you babe for 10 years of happiness and counting! I love you even more than I did on that scorching hot day 10 years ago and look forward to continue living with you happily ever after!


  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like a fun weekend.

  2. Congratulations on 10 years ... have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. happy, happy anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you and Dave! Have a wonderful celebration this weekend! Love, Aunt Steph

  5. Happy Anniversary and here is to a lifetime more of happy memories!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you two have a lovely time planned. I hope you have great weather and yummy food.

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both! Have a wonderful night out (fish tacos, gauc, and margs sound amazing!) and a fabulous weekend! :) XOXO

  9. Awww Happy Anniversary! You two are adorable. Have a blast this weekend!

  10. Enjoy your special weekend! I hope the storms didn't get in the way of your plans. (And THANK YOU for posting on FB about the storms at home today ... because of you, we took an earlier ferry and missed everything!)


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