Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to the Family

Our family just grew one person and four legs larger.
Let me introduce MAX

Go ahead, you can tell me how beautiful he is!
Max is what is known as a Dudley, a yellow lab with green eyes and a pink nose. He will be one, next month, so is just about finished growing, but still filling out. Absolutely stunning in my opinion. We got him from a friend of a friend of a friend and well it was just sheer luck that we found him.

His previous family had to find him a new home because they just didn't have a yard large enough for him to run. Then he was running away when he could escape and they were very worried he would get hurt as they lived by a pretty busy road. His poor mom was devastated when we left tonight and Zoe was very concerned about her, asking her over and over if she was okay. The family also had two children around our own kids ages who were not there at the time, but I couldn't imagine having to tell them when they got home that their dog went to a new home. I felt horrible!

It was very bittersweet meeting because on the one side I was very sad for the old family, but then I was happy thinking about how excited my kids and hubby were about getting a new friend. I admit I was happy about getting a new pup too.

So far things have gone well. We stopped by Wally-world and picked up some dog food, treats, and toys to get us through the night. When we got home he got to meet, Molly, our neighbors dog and our "step" dog. Molly and Mako were best friends, even sharing a fence around both of their yards, and she's been pretty down without him. She perked right up with Max though and within the first few minutes was playing with him. Molly and has a nice ring to it!

Love, however, did not appreciate the intruder and has went into hiding for the time being. I've never heard a cat make such weird noises. She did hold her ground when he first came in, but then escaped under our bed. I'm confident they will be friends before long though.

We'll see how tonight goes. Max is still pretty excited and nervous. I'm sure he is wondering where his family is and why he is in this strange house. He's been pacing the house, but just a few seconds ago finally laid down, right in front of the front door. Ain't nobody leaving the house without him!!

Aaahhhh our family is whole again with our new best friend.
Although he'll never replace the love in our hearts for our departed Mako!


  1. Oh, what a beauty! And yes, your lovely cat will adapt..or Max will learn to keep his

    I once had a beautiful golden lab, too. They are wonderful dogs! Have you puppy-proofed your home? If not, be prepared for some serious damage from all that chewing they typically do!


  2. Aww he IS cute!! Can't wait to hear how he adjusts to the family!

  3. he sounds wonderful! Enjoy!

  4. Ohhh, I want to hear more cat stories about the dog! I bet they're going to be great. Congrats. on your beautiful do. Also,thanks for the encouragement on my rehearsal dinner poem. I mustered up courage and used it. I truly appreciated what you said. I needed it:)

  5. Congratulations...can't wait to meet Max this weekend! Love the look on Dave's face as he looks at Max...haven't seen that since Mako. I agree that Love will be fine...they are both young. Couldn't let Rufus and Hartwell be together...Rufus thought he was wildlife and tried to do him in like a squirrel or rabbit, but it sounds like Max doesn't know about that yet so they should be fine. Have fun today! Love, Aunt Steph

  6. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Max is adorable and I'm sure he'll be lots of fun and not too much trouble.

    You shouldn't have to worry about chewing or any trouble if you train him and make sure he has and knows which toys/chewies are his.

  7. I love him! He is adorable! But my FAVORITE pic is the one of the cat! Too funny! They'll have to work out some territory stuff but it won't be long before they are BFF's. (Maybe!)

  8. He is gorgeous!!! And even though poor Love is in shock, I love the picture. I'm sure they'll be buds before long!!!

  9. What a doll he is! I love golden retrievers!

  10. Congratulations on your new addition! I hope you'll all enjoy many happy years together.


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