Monday, May 4, 2009

When it rains, it pours

The title could most definitely be describing our weather lately. I'm beginning to forget what the sun and blue skies looks like. You would think we live in Seattle the way our weather has been. Even worse is that it doesn't look like it is changing soon enough.

But, I digress. This post is actually an update to my earlier post. That one where I told you I was home with a sick Zoe. Remember I said I was okay though because quite frankly I was enjoying our quiet, cuddle time watching Cinderella, drinking coffee, and of course having the warmth of the laptop on my lap. I even was able to sneak in half of a 5K after searching frantically for my Nike+ sensor for my Ipod. The day was progressing nicely I thought.

Until a bit ago.
Zoe and I had just finished lunch and were about to take our shower and bath when the phone rang. "Mrs. T, this is Mrs. S, the school nurse"...uh oh. I was all ready for it. I could hear her next words in my mind, "Dylan just threw up all over his classroom. Why did you let him come to school when your daughter was sick?" But instead I heard, "Dylan just smashed his hand in between two skateboards (I'm assuming gym time) and it is quite swollen. I think you need to come get him."

Then my mind starts thinking logistics. Hmmmm. Let's see I'm 45 minutes away, have a sick child, and neither of us have showered or dressed yet. Time to call in the reinforcements: DADDY! Thank goodness, it was slow at Dave's work today. He was able to leave and as I sit and type, the boys are on their way home. After talking to the nurse for a few minutes, I don't think there is any real damage to Dylan's hand, just some tenderness, swollen fingers, and lots of tears, which I am sure were enhanced by mommy not being in school with him.

So now I'm off to take that shower before they get home and I put on my Nurse hat!


  1. Oh Dear.Poor Mum and son and daughter.Hope everyone recovers soon.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that D got hurt but glad to hear it doesn't sound too serious and that your hubby was able to go get him.

  3. Man you are getting it all - Bummer! Hope the sickies go away and D's hand recovers.

  4. hope the hand is better - as well as the sickness!! It is lots of fun being a mom sometimes!


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