Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday

After sharing last week about bringing home something extra from vacation, I'm thrilled to report that as of last Saturday I have shed my spring vacation pounds. I'm right back to that extra special number: 142lb.

That weight seems to haunt me.
My scale consistently goes right back to it.
Then it stays there.
So frustrating.

I was really hoping after running my first 6K on Sunday that I would kick off the week the right way, but it's Tuesday and my weekly points are depleted. My excuse: The summer weather and need for ice cream. I have only had Breyer's Slow Churned, which is good, but the 2 servings per night, not so great. I also have been slacking with my veggies and fruit because basically we don't have any of them in the house right now. I really need to go grocery shopping!

So far this has also been an exhausting week at work as there are some personnel issues that are draining me. I have many things I'm contemplating and choices to make and all I feel like doing is crawling into bed. I know things will work themselves out, but I'm ready for some stress free days at school especially considering we only have 26 days till summer vacation.

But, I haven't came this far to cave in. Time to buy the veggies and fruit, run outside, and get back to shredding. It's time to beat my scale and make it say something other than the same old 142!


  1. Hang in there! I know how frustrating it is when the scale won't budge and you're giving it your ALLLL.

  2. my weigh ins are on Fridays... hoping that my March of Dimes walk and extra working out this week have done it for me!

  3. I've made a pledge to not buy any more snack foods. we'll see how that works out for us. ;)

  4. I just wanted to say that I recently found your blog, and it's fantastic! I just started shredding. Wow, Jillian kicks my butt!

  5. Hang in there girl, you can DO it. Still shredding? If not, start up again! :)


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