Monday, April 6, 2009

So Much to Do & So Little Time to Get it Done

I'm sure many of you can totally relate to the title of this post.
Where does time go??
I swear I blinked once and the weekend is over.

Quick recap of my weekend:

  • Yard sale on Saturday (made $100 so not too bad)
  • Separated leftovers after the sale: pile for ebay, keep for another sale, donate, pass on to friends
  • Treated the kids to McDonalds
  • Swim lessons plus I let the kids swim for an extra hour. Now that Zoe realized that she can dive and touch the bottom of the pool she barely ever has her head out of the water. Definitely my little mermaid!
  • Grocery shopping
  • Summer clothes shopping
  • Loads and loads of laundry
  • A couple loads of dishes
  • Dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing...

Now it's time to start the week and bid the weekend goodbye.

I'm not crying too many tears though because the sooner this week gets going, the sooner I'm on my way to Florida. However, with the coming of vacation comes the lists of everything I must accomplish before we leave. Am I the only one that dreads the few days before departure? Here are just a few things that I have to get done before Friday:

  • Finish shopping for some summer clothes (Yesterday we got most of the clothes, but we still need pj's, new flip flops, and Dyl needs a couple pairs of jeans. I can't believe how much they grew since last summer. Their clothes look like they had been shrunk in a dryer!)
  • Get out my summer clothes container to see what I have and possibly get what I need.
  • Clean the downstairs (Call me crazy, but I cannot leave my house a mess for vacation. I like to come home to a clean, organized house so I am not stressed even more going back to work)
  • Pack my clothes, the kids clothes, shoes, beach bags, toiletries for all, cameras, video recorders, Wii games/controllers/accessories (inlaws just bought Wii, but don't have any games), toys for Grampy and Gramma's house, I'm sure I'll think of more to add.
  • Create car activity baskets for each of the kids to keep them occupied for the 14 hour drive.
  • Get the car washed and vacuumed so that we can get it dirty on vacation.
  • Oh yeah and can't forget that I actually have to teach for 6 hours a day!!
  • All the while trying to remind myself not to freak out, stay calm, and focus on vacation.

But, forgive me if I go MIA this week.

How was your weekend?
Anything special planned for this week?

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  1. I am just going to try to keep my eyes open this week.. it has to be better than last week..

    And woo hoo to you for making some money on the yard sale..that is awesome..

    Now focus on that vacation..

  2. Wow, I also posted about how busy I'm going to be this week, but it seems like you may just have me beat.

    Try not to stress over all you have to do and focus on the prize...VACATION!!!!!!

  3. I'm sure you'll figure out how to get it all done. it just seems like a lot. I cannot believe that you had a garage sale! LOL!

    Let's see... 1st I should update my calendar so I know what's coming up.
    Monday - Book club for dd.
    Tuesday Gymnastics
    Wednesday - Rock climbing
    Thursday - Gymnastics
    Friday - Good Friday

    Somewhere in there I have to get everything ready for the Easter bunny and then I also have to get ready for Dd's birthday next week with a slumber party! YIKES! I hope we can get a bunch of discounted Easter stuff that will be party appropriate. ;) I hope that 9-11 y/o's still like cute bunny stuff. hee hee

  4. That's so weird I was just thinking of all the stuff I need to get doen in the next few days before we go away. Good Luck getting everything done and have a safe and fun trip!

  5. well, I have professional development today and tomorrow, then we have Wed - Monday off. I can't wait either! but no trips for us. Just home chillin' :)

  6. AMEN ... and we aren't even going away, yet I am completely overwhelmed with Easter and kids home all day every day.

    Have a great trip (and try to enjoy the planning!!)

  7. Never seems to be enough time in the day, does it? I just wrote about time myself. I actually had to keep away from blogging and Facebook so I could have enough time to get stuff done!

    Have a great vacation!


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