Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring sprang, but hasn't sprung

I know officially that the first day of spring was last Friday, I even learned the scientific term for it. However, I am still waiting for spring to arrive.

Last night we were in the low 20's and today stayed in the 40's. That is most definitely not what I have in mind when I think spring weather. It doesn't look any better for the rest of this week either. There is hope for the high 50's next week though so I'm crossing my fingers.

I am in desperate need of warm weather, flip flops, and skirts,
I want to hear birds singing,
I want to see buds on trees and colorful blooms,
Did I mention I want warm weather??

What are your favorite parts of spring??


  1. Warm weather. That comes AFTER spring up here.

  2. HEAT! but yeah we normally have to wait longer for that to stay around here too. Today was fairly warm, but we're supposed to have a blizzard soon (they predicted one for yesterday but all we got was a bit of rain!)

  3. My favorite parts of spring:

    warmer weather

    flip flops to show off my cute pedicure's


    windows open

    Ahhhh Spring, please come soon! I think it's trying to peek through here in IL but it's not quite here yet.

  4. I am in need of warm/nice weather too. I am tired of coats, hats, gloves, and heavy clothes. I want capris, sandals and short sleeve shirts. You are not alone. Of course in June/July when I am 9 months pregnant I will want snow! Its a crazy cycle.

  5. I love the birds singing me awake every morning, and the flowers bursting open from the cold hard ground. Spring always gives me hope that things can change for the better :)


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