Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Showing Support

No, I didn't vote for him.

But, the people spoke
and I'm grateful that I live in a country that allowed my voice to be heard.

Today a new President will take office.
A President with big dreams.
A President filled with hope.
A President who wants to make America an even better place.

Today, I will witness history being made.
I will watch intently as our new President takes the oath and receives the keys to the White House.
As an American I will support my country's new leader.

Because together we stand,
but divided we will fall.

Congratulations President Obama.
You and your family are in my prayers.


  1. I'm with you on this one. What a great country we live in; and how great that people like you and me who didn't vote for the man can still see the greatness of this country!

  2. Me too. Praying like crazy!

  3. Here's my view on today:

    Just got a chance to put it up now.

  4. today i cried as i watched the inauguration. there is a great deal which this country can do better but i am in awe of the way power changes hands so peacefully. today is a good day to be an American regardless of where your political views lie.

  5. I remember when Bush took office the first time, my first pres. voting experience, I remember thinking this is what I wanted but you know it's pretty cool. I think the best part is seeing past Presidents get along so well. Bush Sr. and Clinton seem like old friends :)

  6. Right there with. It's days like this that make America so special.

  7. your vote may not have been in the majority but here is to hoping that your voice is! changes are happening, and we get to be part of it. if you don't like something, fight it! if a man like obama can become president, a girl from pennsylvania can be heard!

  8. Great post. I enjoyed all the events they showed on tv today.

  9. I agree with you 100% on this. While some didn't vote for him and trust me, my students are not shy about saying who their parents DIDN'T vote for :) we are told in Scripture to support our leaders and to pray for them. That is where I stand. Praying for our new President and his term in office. I was struck yesterday with the incredible traditions and pomp and circumstance that goes with yesterday's events. I was in tears watching the Bush's leave the White House. Anyhow, great post!


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