Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving Forward

Digging into the past was so enlightening.
Just one more reason that blogging is good for you!

I figured after sharing my story from the past, the least I could do is to talk about my future. After reading all my published posts about my journey I came to realization that my actual weight loss only happened during 10 months.

I lost 40lb between January and October of 2007 and really since then have just maintained. Sure I've gained some weight here and there, but I have consistently also lost it. I am only 7lb heavier than I was at my lowest weight and we did just get over the holidays in case you didn't notice. Not too bad. I almost feel successful that I have been able to pretty much maintain my weight loss.

But still. I haven't reached my goal weight. Not such a great feeling.

For the past year I have fooled myself into thinking that I was continuing on my journey. I would half heartedly track points, exercise, and post about my weight every now and then. When I did post I would continue to add my weight loss/gain to my stats that I had used at the bottom of my posts since the beginning.

Well no more. I'm starting with a clean slate. So here are my new stats!
My first weigh in was January 3 and I weighed in at 150.
This past Saturday I had my first weigh in.

Week 1 / -2.5 / -2.5

Goal: Continue to track all my points and do NOT go over my weekly allowance points.
Long-term goal: Reach goal weight of 135 by spring break in April!!


  1. inspiring!! CONGRATULATIONS on the loss this week - what great news!

  2. I'm glad that you were able to see how much good you had done, instead of focusing on the bad. And a weight gain over the holidays is normal...too many cookies and cakes.
    My realization came when instead of being able to wear my old size that the manufacturers had kept increasing, I finally had to buy the next size up and some of those were snug. I'm hoping that by Easter or sooner I'll be in a desparate search for pants that fit me in a smaller size. I would like to look good before DH has to leave.

  3. Wow! Good work! -2.5 is very good!! What you write is true, very smart. I think it applies to me too - I've certainly been 'maintaining' more than anything... Sounds like you're ready for a fresh and committed start - I'm with you!
    Go Mel! :)
    Go Team Lynn! ;)

  4. Great goals and congrats on your SUCCESS!

  5. Great job!! I like the idea of starting over. And I like Spring Break as a goal - I should do the same. No way I can hit goal by then, but I need to come up with a number to try for, at least.

  6. Best wishes and great job.
    Thanks for sharing your story, I am starting to question my own weight loss or lack there of.

  7. A fresh start is always good to recharge your commitment to healthier more fit you!

    Congrats on your loss this week!

  8. Excellent point about moving forward!

  9. Great post! I also believe one must embrace the past because it created the person who standing here today!

    Just spreading a little tough love to my fellow BLBE2 Team Lynn team member - the clock is ticking, the gym is open, so go workout!


  10. Way to go! That is AWESOME!

  11. First, there's no such thing as "just maintained"! You maintained your loss for over a year!! That's awesome!

    Second, congrats on your loss this week. 2.5 is a fantastic start!

  12. What a great loss! I love your goal for spring break!

  13. You gotta love a clean slate! Good job on the loss this week and I can't wait to see you hit your goal!


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