Monday, January 5, 2009

How Many Days Till Spring Break?

While you all are probably reading this post I will be in the classroom with 20 exhausted students.

Being off for over 2 weeks has been awesome. I've enjoyed sleeping in, staying in pj's, taking naps, random blogging and twittering...oh yeah and celebrating Christmas and New Years.

Now it is back to the blackboard, well actually whiteboard. Today will be a loooong day. One in which I will be begging for a nap before lunch I'm sure. On the flip side it will be nice to get back to a routine, be forced to get dressed, listen to my students Christmas stories, and begin to enlighten their minds.

Remind me again...when is spring break???


  1. well you could do your class like I did mine today...we just chatted about our holidays. LOL!

    I'm sure it will all be fine.

  2. I am feeling about the same right now. Good luck!

  3. You are funny Mel. I was so glad to get the kids off this morning and back into a routine. But I think spring break is only 12 weeks or so away. That should fly right by!
    Have a great day!

  4. Awh.. Good luck today.. I am sure it will be tough..but summer break is closer than ya think... :)

  5. I sent N off today and cried a little, even though he can drive me nuts I miss that kid. Spring break thoughts clouded by pile of snow and ice outside:)

  6. LOL. My husband was asking the same thing this morning! Good Luck

  7. It was a looooong day, wasn't it?

    Only 6 weeks until my February break!! 28 school days to be exact, but who is counting?

  8. It's WAY to far away to think about... but thinking about the weekend and a stiff drink, now that is more feasible!! :) God help me! :}

  9. And we are so thankful for teachers like you who took our lil rugrats...errr I mean well-behaved children under their care for 8 hours while we recover from the Christmas break. Cuz SRSLY, how DO YOU DO IT???


  10. I didn't know you were a teacher! :D

    I am too!

    I tell all the new teachers that it is alllllll down hill after winter break! These kids are ready for summer by February 1st!


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