Friday, December 26, 2008

Kid Conversations

I just had to share some conversations I've had with Dylan and Zoe...

Me: Dylan, don't you want to go sit on Santa's lap with sister?
D: No, he is fake anyways
Me: (thinking Oh No this is it, I have to confess) Why do you say that?
D: Well everybody knows that all these Santas's in the malls and stores are fake. The real Santa is way too busy at the North Pole so they deliver all the messages to him.
Me: Oh I see.
D: Yeah, and I already told one fake Santa what I want so I don't have to tell another one.

Scene: Zoe and I are walking into the grocery store.

Me: Shoot, I forgot my cell phone in the car (it had my grocery list in it)
Z: That's okay mommy I have mine and you can use it.
Zoe proceeds to pull out her Princess phone from her little purse and hands it too me.
Z: There now you can call anybody. Go ahead. Call them.

Why yes, I did make a few phone calls from the Princess phone that day to my daughters delight. Of course, I did also get a few funny looks from other shoppers, but oh well that's what being a mommy is all about!

Background: Zoe has been really into carrying her purse around. Inside her purse she has all her necessities, money, lipstick, a bracelate, and of course her Disney cell phone (see above story)

Scene: Getting out of the car at McDonalds after a busy morning of shopping in and out of stores.

Me: Z, you did remember your purse from the last store didn't you?
Z: Yes, but I'm going to leave it in the car here. Nobody will send me textes while I'm in McDonalds.
Me: Only my daughter!

Scene: Getting ready for bed on Christmas Eve

D: I'm a little nervous.
Me: Why?
D: I don't know if Santa is going to leave me too many presents.
Me: Why do you think that?
D: Because I have yelled at Zoe because she frustrated me.
Me: We all make bad choices sometimes. Santa knows that. But, he also knows all the times you patiently helped her with something, played lil' ponies with her, helped her cook, and even played Barbies.
D: That's true.
Me: Mommy sometimes yells at you don't I when I get frustrated?
D: Yes.
Me: See, even mommies make bad choices sometimes.
D: Hmmm. I'm thinking you may be getting some coal too.


  1. I thought you were a goner with the "fake" Santa but you may survive yet another year. :-) Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh the fake Santa thing can last for years. Once they notice that the Santa looks different and is everywhere that's pretty easy for them to get.
    And even if your child's best friend tells them that there isn't a Santa, you can still get them to believe for a while...just get them the present they wanted the most.
    Although, this year might be difficult in my house cuz Santa didn't get the thing she wanted the most... mom & dad didn't think she needed another one! LOL!

  3. out of the mouths of babes eh? they will make us laugh every time!

  4. Shoot, if that were the case, I should of had a whole dump truck load of coal left outside of my house...just for ME!!! :)

    Hope you got lots of nice things...I did the happy dance--I finally got my Wii fit!! :)


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