Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Ornaments & My First Vlogging Adventure

Zoe and I were playing with my new toy and decided to record our experiment with making gingerbread ornaments. As you can hear I decided to make them with my class at school, but since I had not used the recipe before thought I would make sure it would work before I tried it with twenty 3rd graders. Watch what happens and enjoy Dylan's commentary on the whole thing!

Oh and I apologize for the length of my first vlog. Although I must say that I did use the editing software for my Small Wonder to at least take out 4 minutes of nothing. I promise to attempt to keep it to smaller amounts of time in the future though!

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  1. Well I would say the Vlog went very well! Dylan did an awesome job on camera.

    I'm curious to know how the ornaments are setting up so far? I also wonder if you could speed things up a bit by placing the ornaments in a 200* oven?

    We did some similar ornaments but used your regular Flour & Salt recipe but added cinnamon to it. they turned out nicely...ooh I also have some cinnamon oil that I could use.

  2. I really liked the Director's Commentary!

  3. Very cute - love the commentary!! And I liked hearing your voice.


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