Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun Grandparents Present

If you didn't get it from the title, I'm about to share what the kids are as a Christmas present for their Grandparents. Therefore if you are Grandpa, Grandma, Grampy, or Gramma you should NOT read any further.

For everybody else...
May you be inspired.

Every year I try to do some craft with Dylan and Zoe so they can create gifts for their grandparents. This is what we came up with this year.

What you will need:
1 acrylic 5X7 frame
1 plain white 5X7 mats that will fit a 3X5 picture
Sharpie Markers
A 3X5 school picture
*Of course you could always buy the frame and mat to fit whatever size picture you have.
Have the kids decorate the mats however they would like. I did ask mine to write their name and the date somewhere on the frame.

When they are finished attach their school picture on the back. Cover the back of the picture with red, green, or whatever color you desire construction or tag paper.


Homemade picture frames that personalize those school pictures.
Oh and did I mention that we were able to create two frames for under $10?

Do you have the kids make gifts for family members? I'd like to hear what you will be making this year so I have some more ideas so leave me a comment and tell me all about it.


  1. Those are very cute!

    We forgot to get a "school" picture of DD this year. Oops! I should just start snapping pictures of just her everytime we go on a field trip...eventually one of them should look like a cool school picture, right? hee hee

    I love your frame idea. This year My SIL bought my mom a digital frame and asked me to send her pix to fill it.

  2. Aunts get this great gift too? ;-) Love, AUNT Steph

  3. Great idea.

    We are making ornaments from each child to the grandparents. So each set of grandparents are getting three ornaments. This year we are taking some crafting paint and putting their little fingertips on the ornament and writing their names and year on the bulb. I just did this as a class project for my son's class. And I'm doing it again on Friday for my daughter's class.


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