Thursday, November 20, 2008

Report Card Time

Excuse me while I become that mom. You know the one that goes on and on about how awesome her kids are so much that you just want to put your fingers in your ears and chant "I'm not listening." Anyways, I'm going to be that mom for a minute so bear with me.

Today was report card day! Dylan came home with his first "real" report card this year. Before now they were all +, -, S, N's and those kind of things. This year. Real grades. The good ol' A, B, C, and we won't mention the rest because I had better WILL never see those.

Drum Roll please.

Straight A's!!

I'm so stinkin' proud of him. He is currently reading on a 4th grade level and completing math on 3rd. He's only in 2nd.

It's funny because when I first became pregnant with Dylan I remember my mom telling me that she had read somewhere that when a child was born with a mom in her 20's and dad in his 30's they are supposed to be very smart children. Guess Dylan supports that research!

Okay I'm done now.
You can stop rolling your eyes and unplug your ears!

Now I have a question for you all. Do you reward your child based upon their report card grades? Or on the flip side do you give consequences for poor grades? What kind of rewards/consequences do you give? Or do you believe that their education is their reward and that failure is the consequence? I can't wait to read your comments.


  1. WOW!!! Tell Dylan that I said he ROCKS!!!!! Madison did great also! I told her I would treat her to a treatment at the new kids spa you told me about. You and Zoe want to come along????? :)

  2. Congradulations to your son!

    I have yet to reach the report card age, however the hubby and I have discussed when school age reaches our children. We plan to create a system for good grades, possibly rewards for C's and above, if there is anything below a C no reward. Were not really sure. I know when I was younger if I came home with straight A's, I was rewarded with dinner out, just Mom & I, and one item under a set cash limit.

  3. WoooHooo! Great job Dylan!
    Having only a Kindergarten kid we still question what to do. He is struggling a bit in reading so just taking that extra time to read to him. Any tips would be helpful:)
    I think as they get older and need money to go out and buy stuff we might have a sit down. I told my DH if the kids get good grades I rather give them the money they need, then them go out get a job and watch their grades suffer. But we will see:)

  4. I don't reward good schoolwork, because 1. she's only in first grade, so it's not that hard, and 2. the real challenge for her is behavior, i.e., keeping her mouth shut during class. So, we try to reward her for not getting into trouble each day - with computer time, or extra coin to save toward the Nintendo DS she wants.

  5. Good job, Dylan!

    My son got straight A's and we took him to dinner - his choice of restaurant. However, we would take him to dinner regardless of the grades as long as we knew that he put forth his best effort and did all the work. He already seems to be obsessing a bit over wanting to get all A's and doesn't like even B's, so I do not want to add any incentive to turn him into a perfectionist!

    I wasn't rewarded for grades when I was a kid and always got excellent grades because I wanted to do my absolute best, so I tend to lean toward no rewarding. However, lack of effort and poor attitude toward school work would probably need some consequences (rather than for the grade itself as it's possible to have lack of effort and still get a good grade - I should know!).

    By the way, I have an award for you on my blog!

  6. Congrats to Dylan!!! Impressive!! I think it's a good idea to give them a reward for good grades - if D keeps this up you won't even have to think about what to do for bad grades :) In my opinion, if it seems like the child is really making the effort, I think the 'lack' of reward is potentially good enough a consequence... but I really don't know what I would do...
    GO DYLAN!!! :)

  7. I don't reward my kids for good grades for a couple of reasons: 1) I don't want them obsessing over the grades 2) If they don't get an "A" then not getting a reward is the same as a punishment and I think punishing for grades is not the best way to go about it 3) A letter grade is not always an indicator for hard work and effort.

    For instance my daughter works her rear off for C's in Geometry. Her dedication and effort is what is most important to me and I am darn proud of her C!

    What I do is make sure to praise effort, not grades and at the end of the school year, they get a treat - one they can all share together. Last year I got them a pet guinea pig ;O)

  8. Ok, too stinkin' funny...did you get a sneak peak at Faith's report card and new STAR report?? Mmm, just look at Dylan's!!! Straight As and 4th grade reading, 3rd grade math! Soul mates?? Let's just sign the pre-arranged marriage papers now, we'll be promised smart grandchildren (and very cute, too!)and we won't have to worry about the whole dating thing in high school!! Whatta ya say? :)


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