Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful...a girl can dream, right?

I, for one, am so excited to hear that there may be snow in our forecast today and Saturday. Unfortunately, I don't think there will be any accumulation, but just the idea of seeing snowflakes makes me happy. Now cold weather is not my favorite thing in the world and hearing highs in the 30-40's makes me shiver in my sweatshirt, but along with the cold weather comes the chance of snow! My belief is that if it is going to be cold then there better be snow! Maybe I really was supposed to live more North. Of course living in southern Delaware we very rarely have any large amounts of snow. We usually get one or two small snowstorms, as in an inch or two, but that's about it. Bummer.

Snow rocks!! I like to drive in the snow (I don't like the other people who don't, to be on the road). I like bundling up in mittens, scarves, and hats to build snowmen, go sledding, and have snowball fights. I also like coming back in to sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate. There is nothing better than collecting fresh snow and adding some sugar and vanilla to make some snow ice cream. There is also nothing as magical as looking outside and seeing the world covered in white with ice hanging from trees sparkling in the sunlight.

Oh and most importantly I LOVE snow days!!!

Come on snow. Make me happy this winter!!

What about you? Are you a snow person or would you rather head south with the birds?


  1. I would much rather head south, unless the snow gets me a day off school or a delay! Unfortunately, I woke up to ~3 inches today, but I teach in a different county (just 15 minutes to the west!), and they got no snow. So while all the schools by me are canceled, the ones my husband and I teach at are not.

  2. I loathe the snow, unless it is Christmas morning. Then the snow is okay. Otherwise? UGH. I should totally move to Phoenix.

  3. I love snow! Building snowmen, skiing, sledding, snow tubing, throwing snowballs at the dogs. That's a good thing since we had around 100 inches at our house last winter.

    But this year we've only seen a few flakes fall from the sky one day. Not even a dusting yet. Enjoy the sparkle for me!

  4. I agree Hate the cold love the snow. WI we get more then our share. Being at home yesterday with a pot of soup on and warm socks on my feet and snow falling outside it was a dream!

  5. we don't get any snow here where i live but occassionally we get enough snow in the mountains that i will take the couple hour drive there to enjoy it.

    i had never actually seen it snow until last year when i took trip to Navajo Reservation. i was completely mesmerized by snow flakes. i had no idea they all looked different and you could actually make out the crystals and shapes!!!

    i was like a little kid and was quickly chuckled at by all of my in laws every time i talked about i and would go outside just to try to catch a flake or two to admire.

    i hope you get some snow there soon :O)

  6. I do not like snow at all. Sure it's pretty but I don't like to be cold, don't like to drive in it and would much rather live somewhere warm all year round. We are in IL so it's nice and cold, windy and last night I saw flurries. You know as long as it doesn't snow when we go to leave for Jamaica next month, I'm all good LOL

  7. Nope. Don't like the snow. Maybe comes from living in a climate where we get lots of it? Hate driving in it. Hate the mess (wet boots in the entry way). Having to shovel drive and walk ways. Messy, slippery sidewalks on the way to work...Nope, not seeing anything to like. Sure, it's pretty if you're inside looking out, but since I can't stay inside all winter that's not much consolation.

  8. Wishing you loooooots of snow days this year :)
    We get quite a bit of snow here in Toronto - I like it, but only on the weekend, not on a work day, when you have to wake up extra early to shovel the 2 feet of snow that fell overnight :)
    I love when the first snow falls, love to see that glittery coat of snow at night... so peaceful, so nice! :)

  9. You can have the snow. We got our first snowfall last night. UGHHH!!! It's my least favorite in the whole wide world because we live on a hill and hill+snow+anxiety = disaster. =(

  10. I love snow! Winter's only good if snow comes with it!! I wouldn't ejnoy the coldness if it didn't have any snow with it :P

  11. I grew up in the snow in Montana and love the look of it, but not living in it. I don't like to be cold! And I did not appreciate sweeping snow and scraping ice off of my car daily and then warming up the car for a few minutes, not to mention getting stuck or spinning on snowy roads.

    So now I live where it is mostly sunny and I only have to "suffer" through a couple of months of 40's and 50's and some rain.


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