Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've Become One Of Them

When I first started Weight Watchers I jumped in with both feet and was determined to be a weight loss success. I absolutely could not stand those people who would start their diets on every Monday, have a bad day and then go crazy, complain and complain about their weight while they were enjoying a Big Mac, try the latest fad diet, or continuously make excuses about why they lost weight. So when I began Weight Watchers I knew I would be better. I wouldn't lose interest until I got to my goal weight. I wouldn't let dieting consume me. I wouldn't fail!!

Then here I am, almost two years later and still not at my goal weight. Yes, I am thirty some pounds lighter and am proud of what I have accomplished, but I am angry with myself for losing momentum and becoming one of the people I couldn't stand. As I read through my last Weight Watcher posts I hear myself continuously making the excuses, setting goals I never reach, and basically repeating the same mistakes over and over! I have become a hypocrite!

Now the question I'm asking myself is what the heck I'm going to do about it?

Honestly, I have to admit that I don't know!

Last week was an awful week starting off on the wrong foot with birthday cake, cookies, Arby's lunch, and then continued throughout the week with candy, soft pretzels, cupcakes, cherry cobbler, pizza, and wine. Where was my willpower?

I will give myself some credit though for exercising three nights. I walked about 4 miles all together over the week. Obviously it wasn't enough to counteract all the bad choices I made with my food though.

WEEK 11 (take 2) / +3 / -3 / - 36 (since January 2007)

I know what you all will say. It's a new week. The past is over and now it's time to focus on the here, now, and what's to come. For now, that is going to have to be my answer. I have to let go to the poor choices I made, learn from them, and not make them again (funny cause that is what I always preach to my own kids and students too!).

So here I go...

Encouragement and kicks in the butt would be much appreciated!! Keep me accountable, people!!


  1. BEEN THERE AND STILL DO THIS...You can do it!

  2. Just a thought, but do you have a plan of how to deal with all that food? I think I heard this at a recent WW meeting - when we fail to plan we plan to fail.

    For some reason that finally made a lot of sense to me recently. Plan your meals, plan how to deal with food such as cupcakes and Arby's (really - Arby's?). Plan your exercise, when and where. Plan your snacks, plan what food you'll eat at social situations. Have a plan, work the plan and it'll work for you. Really, it will. :)

    And set goals. Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Not really weight loss goals, although those are okay, but how you're going to lose the weight. What actions will you take tomorrow, this week, this month to lose weight?

    Now get with the program, you can do this!

  3. I just want you to know that you are not alone! I have been struggling with this same thing for a long time.

    Part of the problem is finding the right motivation. I love the comment above - lots of helpful info with goal-setting and planning.

    I thought you said you were going to try a meeting this week. What happened? It might add just the new element to get you going again.

    Also, anchors have helped me some in the past. I had a WW bracelet with a charm that hung off. Every time I reached for something - that charm dangled in front of me - reminding me of what I was trying to accomplish and many times it stopped me from having too much of the "bad" stuff.

    Alright, tomorrow I'm going to plan my week - all meals, exercise times, and how to handle whatever is going on (like my anniversary!). You do the same and I'll check back with you tomorrow night to see what you came up with for the week - OK?!

    And I think I'm going to stop saying that we "can" do it - 'cause we know that! How about - we WILL do it!!

    Talk to you tomorrow - get to planning. :)

  4. You can do it! Let's encourage each other this week. I am up 3 lbs today after eating way too much the last couple of days and it is VERY discouraging.

    I lost 20 this last year by accountability through just writing down my carbs and calories. When I stopped being accountable, I stopped losing and starting gaining.

    Food is such a lovely thing. It is hard. Let's start fresh and have an AWESOME Week. We can do this.

  5. Snap out of it, sister!


    I do look to you for advice and motivation. You've done so well and so well know the program. Now work it!

    You need you to finish the job.

    I need you to finish the job so I can aspire to have your success.

    those are my reasons for you to get back in the game.

    You CAN do it. Oh, and part of the problem is the amount of crap food teachers eat. Every day someone brings something else fattening to the lounge. I have to avoid the lounge big time.

    Come on, girl!

  6. Sometimes life is one step forward, two steps back! Just make sure you keep stepping forward.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody who has left and comment and emailed me. What I really appreciate is the time you all took to give me strategies to used instead of just telling me to not give up and that I can do it. While they are always encouraging to hear I like being able to try something new to make a difference.

    So for this week I have a plan:
    I PLAN to take all my lunches to school and put a lunch plus two snacks of veggies and fruits in there also. This way when my students eat their snack I will have something to munch on and after school when the snack attack hits me I will have something I can reach for. I know there is a birthday this week in class and cupcakes are coming in so I will account for the points of one (4) so I can celebrate too, but then have the student go deliver any extras to other teachers so I won't be tempted to eat more than one. Also Friday night I am giving a baby shower/party and I plan to eat one serving of turkey chili (5), one cheese croissant (4), and one pumpkin tart (?). Other than that I will snack only on the veggie tray or stay away from the food entirely. I will also enjoy only one glass of white wine and then drink water the remainder of the night. As far as dinners for the week I am pretty good. I seem to do fine during is more in the afternoon that I make the poorest choices. Oh and exercise. For this week I am going to walk at least 1 mile Mon-Thur night! I will do this either right after dinner or while I am watching a night show. Completely doable!

    My goal for this week: Follow my plan!!

    Thank Lisa for the bracelet tip too. I'm gonna give it a shot. I have a charm bracelet and think it will be a great visual to remind me to make good choices.

    So thank you all for taking the time to help a fellow blogger lose the weight. I am lucky to have such great people pushing me along.

    I wish you all a great week too. I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing!!

  8. I know what you mean. I lost 20# and lost momentum. I am wondering if I need to be tougher on myself or if I should maintain this and kick it back in when I get that "I've had it with THIS # on the scale" feeling.

  9. Well, I dont have any strategies or plans to offer you as I still have my 10 lbs of "baby weight" Im still wrestling with (not to mention she is now over 2 yrs old and NOT a baby anymore!) =) But I just want to say that I am VERY proud of you and think you look amazing.
    I know you have a certain weight number in mind. But take it from someone who "knows" about numbers and weight: Just BE healthy. Enjoy life. Maybe re-evaluate the goal you have in mind, to see how realistic it is and if there is something you need to change. The holiday's are coming: set yourself up to succeed, not to fail. ENJOY your family, health, fun and just the blessings that God has put around you. They are everywhere. Dont beat yourself up. Life is too short. Good luck with your new goals and plans this week: YOU CAN DO IT!! =) love ya

  10. You aren't the only one with this problem in the dieting club. The only think you can do is make a renewed effort to do better. If you feel deprived get one of those yummy frozen desserts that WW has! I don't know if WW still does flex points, but when I was on it I stayed on plan the whole week and on one day I used my flex points. It was like a diet free day and a recharge for the week ahead! Give your self something to look forward to, in my experience the WW desserts did this for me, they are honestly so good you can't tell they are "diet food"


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