Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Bug Bit

It has been quite the sick week around here!

First, Zoe was sick all Saturday night, which meant little sleep for mommy.

Then Sunday, Dylan shares that his belly is hurting and he feels that he is going to throw up, which he proceeds to do all over the living room. Thank goodness daddy was home because I do NOT do bodily fluids!

Monday, Dave, Dyl, and Zoe stayed home to have one day of recoupment.

Tuesday, Dave and Zoe stay home for their usual day off and Dave ends up getting sick. Dylan and I went to school and I felt okay until about 4 pm during a parent conference. Luckily I made it home before the bug bit me full on. I ended up spending last night sitting on the throne. Which normally I don't mind being the queen, but last night...not so much!

Today, I'm still feeling blah!

The good news though...I was down 2lb this morning when I peeked on the scale. Now hopefully I don't start feeling well and then overeat!!

Hope you all are having a better week so far!!


  1. I hope you are feeling better Mel. I had that same bug on Sunday night/Monday. It was horrible! Fortunately none of the kids have gotten it yet. Damn - I probably just jinxed myself!

  2. Hope everyone starts feeling better.

  3. Aw! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  4. Yikes! I hope things start to look up around your house. It's no fun when you pass around bugs.

  5. Hope your on the mend...Dave said you all had been/are sick. Hope it's gone by the weekend so you can all enjoy Zoe's birthday celebrations! See you soon. Love, Aunt Steph

  6. I was up last night with my 3 y.o. who had some nasty fecal explosion. Not something I needed at 3am. sigh.

    Maybe if everyone just gets sick at the beginning of the season the rest of the year will go better?

  7. Why does the bug have to visit every family member before it leaves? Almost every time that Princess catches something at school we all end up with it eventually.

    Hope you're all feeling better!!

  8. You poor things! Hope you all get better quickly!

  9. hope everyone starts to feel better soon and yay re the loss this week!


  10. oh no! Poor Mel! ... and Dave, Dyan and Zoe... There's a bug running around Toronto too and but it didn't catch me yet - knocking on wood!!
    That's was a tough week at your family's - oof! I hope you guys all recover quickly and have a nice weekend to rest!!
    Take care of yourself!!

  11. The bug's hit here too. Started with me and the boy at the beginning of the week, when I thought I was over it Y got it, then it turned out that I was in no way over it and it was gonna come back and bite me big time. Still not a happy bunny.

    Hope we're all better soon.

  12. ugh, being queen of the throne under those circumstances is not fun!


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