Thursday, September 4, 2008

Here I go!

If you follow me on twitter then this is old news, but for all my blogger only buddies...I did it!

I applied for a new position in my district.
Not only that, but my interview is in the morning!

I've had many people ask why? Do I want out of the classroom? Do I not enjoy teaching anymore? The truth is that one of my biggest drawbacks of applying is that I DO love teaching and that I DON'T want to leave the classroom, but I decided I have to look at the bigger picture.

The job that I'm applying for is a Reading Specialist. I would still be teaching, but only reading to a small percentage of students who need the extra instruction so that they may become proficient readers. I would also be helping other teachers learn more effective reading practices they could use in their classrooms. I would be touching the lives of way more students than just the ones in my room.

I love reading!! And I love teaching reading and watching the kids eyes light up as they are telling me about what they read. Reading is power! It can take you places. I want to see kids reading books, going places and discovering things that they may never otherwise get the chance to experience.

So after much hemming, hawwing, fretting, praying, and talking to friends and family I decided to go for it and apply for the job.

Having a specialist job would also be a great step towards my ultimate goal of one day being a principal. When I first began teaching, I really did not have a desire to go into administration. Dave thought otherwise. He would tell me how I would get tired of teaching after awhile and would want something more because that is just how I am. Ok. So I guess he was right. Shh. Don't tell him I just said that. I am in no hurry to get there, but I do realize that if this opportunity to move a little closer and still be able to teach is right before me, then I have to at least try. Right?

So tomorrow is the big day. The interview! I haven't interviewed in over 5 years and I'm pretty scared. The new position has many new initiatives tied into the job description that I am not completely trained on. I've just spent the past 5 hours updating the resume, the portfolio, and reading powerpoints to get me caught up. I'm beginning to feel more confident.

But I won't turn away any prayers that you send my way in the morning...say around 8:45!!!

I'll keep you posted!!


  1. I will be thinking about you as I get ready for the day tomorrow. i know that you will be great! No worries, right? Funny that Dave told you that he thought you'd go into administration. michael has been telling me that for the past 2 years. apparentely he sees something that I dont. i'm warming to the idea but not 100% there yet! I think I'd rather be a Computer Teacher - epecially with technology being so integrated now.
    Anyhow... praying!

  2. Oh Mel....GOOD LUCK! Please keep us updated!

  3. Awesome! I am so proud of you for taking the next step, regardless of your fears!

    I love this post because it shows your passion. :)

    I am praying for you, Mel!

  4. Will be praying for you. I'm sure you'll do well!

  5. Good Luck!!! I'm sure you'll do well! :)

  6. Good Luck Mel! Let us know how it goes.

  7. I teach high school English. I know what you mean! Good luck with that interview!

  8. I'm SOooooo proud of you! I know it would be hard to leave the classroom, but opportunities like this aren't always there...and it's a job that you will bring passion to and do well. Good luck...sending prayers your way. Love, Aunt Steph

  9. ohmygoodness!! i'll pray for you!
    i'm so excited -- keep us posted!!

  10. I can hear your excitement :) Good luck!

  11. Oh Mel, that's great news! Wow!! I think you're probably in the middle of the interview right now (it's 9h30am) I have no doubt that you are doing wonderfully - I think you are the best person for that job - you sound so passionate about it, that will 'come through' to children and I'm sure it will make them want to read and participate more... And I'm sure you will have the best time working in that position too - I'm so happy for you!!

    I am sending some 'good vibes' your way. You are going to rock!!

    I can't help but have a small thought for my job - I work on the show Super Why! (PBS) Which is all about the power to read, and getting kids to enjoy reading and participate... The ladies who are behind the show are so passionate - it's such a fun challenge to teach about reading :) Your post reminded me of that...

    Can't wait to read about how it went!!! Best of luck!! :)

  12. Oh, I am so excited for you! I would love to be a reading specialist when I go back...someday...

    Good for you for taking this step. I can't wait to hear how it turns out.

  13. Good Luck! I hope everything went well and you had a great interview today.

  14. Hope it went really well!

  15. Ooohhh good luck! And do you know HOW MUCH stuff I miss on twitter since I've gotten twirhl! It pops up an down and I don't even notice it anymore.

  16. I'm a little late stopping by, but I hope it went well for you!!

  17. poop, i'm a little late reading this.....pray it went well, girlfriend! i think you would totally rock at this position. listen, alex is in a reading group and MAN has it helped are perfect for it! just think a whole group of Alex's....hahahahaha!!! :D keep us posted. xoxo

  18. Mel, that's fantastic. Good luck! It's always a scary thing going for something you really want badly. Sounds like you're ready for something new & bigger...and you'll be helping many! Best wishes!


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