Saturday, September 27, 2008

Changing the World a Pound at a Time!

Sorry I haven't mentioned my Weight Watchers Take Two progress lately. I just can't seem to get into the routine. I'll get there though!!

So this is week 8 and I am down 1lb. Hooray! That means one more pound of food going to feed the hungry through Weight Watchers Lose For Good Campaign!

My goals the last time I posted were:

  • COUNT ALL POINTS EVERY DAY. I may have to go back with doing a daily quick post or at least a twitter on my points for the day. Any twitter people out there who will be my accountability person?? Scratch this one! I've been counting ever point for the past two weeks!
  • Eat those fruits and veggies. This has gotten better, but still not where I want to be especially with the veggie part!
  • Use the treadmill at least three times this week. I did manage to get in two during one week. But, funny thing about that treadmill...I downloaded a new workout playlist, which rocked. Got on the treadmill for the first run and ran my best mile and I do mean RAN! Next night went to do it again and my Ipod fell on the track, got caught under the sides, and well no more Ipod with rockin' playlist. I did get a new Ipod a few days later, but before it came Zoe dropped my laptop and it is broken as in now I can't get into my Itunes with the awesome playlist! I know, I know, NO EXCUSES, but you got to admit that it sounds like somebody doesn't want me to run. No more I speak my Ipod is plugged in and I'm getting ready to create a new playlist on hubby's computer so I have some good running music.

So for this week I'm going to continue working on the same goals until I have reached them all. Two weeks ago I did a great job tracking the points, but exceeded my week by a whole days worth of points. Not cool!! I did manage to not gain, but I didn't want to take that chance again. This past week I counted every point again and exceeded by only 10, which isn't too bad although obviously I am not going to reach my maximum weight loss by exceeding points. Even I know that. So this exceeding my points at all!!

I received some vouchers in the mail to attend a Weight Watcher meeting so I am going to try that Thursday night and see how I like it. There is one right down the road so I figured I could walk there to get some exercise too. I'll keep you posted on what I think. I know some people swear by them and I swear by online so it should be interesting!

WEEK 8 (TAKE TWO) / -1 / -4 / -37lb since January

How was your week? Did you meet your goals?


  1. What a bummer on the ipod/laptop! Amazing how little things like that totally mess up my exercise plans all the time.

    But congrats on that pound!

  2. Mel, I am so proud of you!

    No, I did not meet my goals. As a matter of fact I threw all of them out the window last week iN Utah.

    I am going to get back on track and I will go back on Saturday next week. :)

  3. Just keep plugging away...plug in the ipod, plug in the laptop, plug in the treadmill...oh, I crack myself up. You will do great this week!

    I am having trouble with the online, since I just forget to go to the site! I need to look around more and just leave the tab up. And send myself reminders.

    I did meetings before and the thing that really worked for me in the beginning was having to weigh in there with somebody else - accountability. Also, getting little awards for hitting 5 pound goals, 10%, etc. And I got lots of great food find and recipe ideas from the meeting.

    Let us know what you think!

  4. Hey:) Stopping by from Moms In A Blog Directory and I have to say I LOVE your template! It's gorgeous and it makes me want chocolate lol.

  5. Congrats on the loss! :)
    I'm off and on the exercise/treadmill too... the important part is that we eventually go back on right?:)
    Great work counting all your points!! Glad it's easier now...
    I completely get the iPod thing too - I can't work out without it :)


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