Thursday, August 28, 2008

No place like the playground!

This past Sunday we spent the day just being a family and it was perfect. We did run some errands in the morning and then it was off to have some fun.

Living in a tourist area has its benefits including a ton of mini golf courses. We went to a Pirate course to play. Such a rowdy crowd we were.

Everybody got at least one hole-in-one including Zoe. Of course by the end of 18 holes enough was enough and we were ready for the next adventure. Off to the playground.

In Ocean City there is a huge park complete with a bridge over a pond, huge playground, baseball fields, and even a pier that goes out into the bay. We enjoyed a peaceful walk around the park, but also had a blast playing at the park.

Oh yes, Mommy got in on the action too. Don't mind my white belly!! By the way, Daddy tried the rip line too, but mommy wasn't quick enough on the camera.
It was such a relaxing, wonderful day!! Of course staying up to midnight planning my lessons for the week and grading papers wasn't quite as fun, but spending the day with the family, watching the smiles and hearing the laughs, was well worth it!!


  1. Great pics! Looks like we were thinking alike with the pirates :-)

  2. arrrrrg! Looks like fun scallewags!

  3. LOVE these pictures. Love, Aunt Steph

  4. It looks like it was definitely worth it!

  5. glad to see you got in a picture finally!


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