Friday, August 15, 2008

My Back To School Present

Every year I treat myself to a back to school something or other. I've been known to get Vera bags, but since we broke up, look what I got instead...

Oh yeah.

The Voyager has landed!!

I had the Chocolate phone (are you surprised??) and at first absolutely loved it, but by the end we were pretty much enemies. It wouldn't let me text and when it did would end up sending my message before I was finished, it wouldn't let me browse my contacts without going crazy, and it was, well basically, possessed.

Don't believe me.

Let me tell you a story.

The other night we decided to have Chinese for dinner because if we didn't we weren't eating anything because I was refusing to cook. Anyways, that's not important. Once I gathered everybody's order I called it in and was told it would be ready in about 20 minutes. 20 minutes later I went to pick up our food. Of course, I grabbed my phone because I don't go anywhere without it and I sat it on the seat next to me with my purse. When I got to the restaurant, I picked up my phone and put it in a pocket in my purse. I ran inside and gave the lady my number (that's how our Chinese place keeps track of your order) and was told it wasn't quite ready. So I took a seat at a table to wait. That was when the phone rang. The lady behind the counter answered the phone. She said hello once, then twice, a third time, and then hung up. Do you think you know where this is going? Then she looks at me and says "I think you just called me. 5xx-6xxx is your number, right?" Uh yeah. That's my number. However it was plain as day that I was not holding my phone or calling anybody. I opened the pocket to take out my cell phone and...yep, I had called her. According my phone I was still on line with her.

I told you it was possessed.

That incident made me check my dialed calls to see if perhaps I was having any more conversations with people that I did not know about and found that in the past ten calls there were at least three to people who I did NOT call.

So off to the Verizon store we went to check out new phones before I lost my sanity. I had looked at the Voyager when it first came out and fell in love with it. However, didn't quite love the price! Well now it was almost half off. Now we're talking! The only thing was that while I could upgrade my phone, Dave couldn't. He really needed a phone too since his newest had been washed (I have no idea who would have done such a thing!) and he was using one of our old phones with missing pixels and scratches everywhere. I felt guilty getting my phone now and him waiting till his contract was up next month.

But, my anger towards my chocolate phone exceeded the guilt so now I have my new phone.

And I'm a very happy person.

And yes, I admit. Spoiled too!


  1. I'm having a similar problem with my iPhone which has been solved by my boss' daughter since I have inadvertently called him too! If I put the phone in my pocket without locking the screen it does all sorts of unexpected things! If you have a similar problem with your new phone, try that. I have a perfectly good (but old) phone from my previous Verizon account. Would Dave like that? Love, Aunt Steph

  2. oooooh I am jealous!! ha!ha! I went to get a new iphone, only to be told that I'm not elligible till February!!!!! grrrrrrr.....
    Oh, and Hubs will live, your sanity is MUCH more important!

  3. Good treat! My husband is really big on treating himself when he returns to school, too. I usually prefer to treat myself with something of the alcoholic variety on the Friday afternoon after the first week.;p

  4. Cool BTS gift! :) Finding a reason to get a gift is always nice ;)

  5. ooooh it looks cool! never heard of the Voyager before, but now I'm intrigued:)
    It's too bad your husband has to wait for his - I would have done the same as you though, when a phone becomes annoying to use, and you have the opportunity to change it, why not do it!!
    Funny story - I am waiting for my turn to change my phone too - don't ask me how, but it went through the snow thrower this winter!!! It still works and the outside of it looks intact, but the inside screen is all cracked up and I can't see anything on it anymore... Good thing I memorised the keys to most of the options I use!!! ha ha ha!
    Anyways, cool phone! And, you deserve it!!! :)

  6. Ohhhhh I am green with envy hehe. You go girl though. It's good to treat yourself.

  7. Pretty new phone!

    That was a great possessed phone story!

  8. My co-workers mother's phone calls her often. We'll hear her saying "mom, mom, mom, hang up" but her mom has no clue it's happening. Have fun with your new phone!

  9. I'm still in the dark ages. Heck I have a pre paid cell phone and my laptop has been under my bed broken for months LOL

    I'm a wee bit envious ;)

  10. I found you through Erin's blog. Another educator! Gosh, we are everywhere, and we are all experiencing the "back to school blues"!

    I love your back to school gift idea. Hmmm...maybe I should start that this year?!?!?! Although, I am with Erin...I like a STRONG beverage on Friday after the first completed week!

    I love the blog design! Lindsey does a great job!

    Enjoy your last day of summer tomorrow.

  11. Oooo...I like it. I had a Motorola Pebble through Verizon and it was insane. I would delete a contact and the phone would shut itself off and reset and poof! the contact would be back. I came very close to throwing that phone across the room several times (and almost in a fit of road rage...but that's a story for another time)


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