Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dream Before School

Remember when you would have those dreams before your first day of school? I think just about everybody has had the dream of arriving at school nekkid at one point in their education.

Well my dreams are still continuing! You would think since I'm the teacher and all that I would be above this, but it never fails that I have one dream, or rather nightmare, before the first day of school. This year was no different. I had a dream that I arrived to school for the student's first day and couldn't find my classroom. I had been in there for a few days before, getting everything set up, but on the first day it was gone. Poof. So I walked around the school looking in everybody's classroom for my own. I was feeling quite ticked that all my hard work had went missing. I was determined to not have to go to the Principal's office and tell them that I lost my room. I'd like to say that I eventually found it, but nope. I woke up sweating before then!

While it was quite an uncomfortable dream it was nothing compared to last years. Last year I dreamed that I was put in a closet size room with a handful of the worst kids ever without any computers, desks, chairs, whiteboard, textbooks, ANYTHING. I didn't even have a schedule so I didn't know when to go to lunch or, even worse, when school was over. Pshew, when I woke up from that one I had to wake Dave up too!!

Thankfully though my dreams are only that...DREAMS. For the past five years, I'm happy to say, the first day of school has came and gone without too much drama. However, the dreams are still sticking around. I wonder what it will be next year??

What about you? Do you remember any dreams you ever had before school began again? For all my teacher readers, do you have any dreams before the first day of school? Or am I the only weird one out there??


  1. Oh, yes, my husband and I both have crazy teacher dreams! Mine always involve standing in front of a class, completely forgetting what I was going to teach, to the point where I just stare blankly and sweat profusely!

  2. You're definitely not a weirdo! Well, I guess if you are, then I am too. I have several dreams every year. Some of them are anxiety ridden, while others are just weird. I usually have a lot of trouble falling asleep on the eve of the first day.

  3. I have these dreams all the time just before school starts. Last years was that I was LATE and I mean LATE to school... my worst fear is that my alarm doesn't go off.. and that is what happened in my dream. I showed up almost an hour late and NO ONE was happy with me.
    I have also had the dream that I was completely and totally unprepared for the day.
    they freak me out really badly too!!

  4. Well, I can tell you I still have anxiety dreams about school to this day. In them, I can never find my locker - none of them are labeled. And when I do find the one I think is mine I can't remember the combination. And it's the end of the day so I know the school buses are leaving and I've missed my way home. I can't tell you how many times I've had this dream - I can also say nothing like it ever happened in real life, so I have no idea why I have it.

  5. Oh, yes!! Years after finishing school I still had these dreams where for some reason, I would come into school on what I thought was a normal day, but as I entered a classroom someone would let me know that school was over, and that I missed it! I didn't graduate or anything, I just forgot to go for a while, or something like that... ?!!
    I hope the dreams only come during 'back to school' time and eventually go away during your school year? :)

  6. Forgetting my locker combo still to this day Weird right- I might have some unfinished buisness. I dreamed that I didn't go to classes for weeks and was totally lost- Forgot classes.


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