Monday, August 11, 2008

The Countdown Begins

I only have 7 days left of summer vacation.


Could somebody tell me just where on earth all the time went? I swear school just got out and I was thinking of everything I was going to get accomplished over the summer. What did I get done? Hmm...well...let's see...not much!! My house is still disorganized, the weeds are still prospering in my gardens, the scrapbook is still unscrapped, the carpets still stained, shall I go on, and it looks like it will probably stay that way until Christmas break or maybe even next summer vacation. At least, we did sneak in many beach days, a few fishing days, a couple waterpark trips, and a mini vacation to Hershey Park.

I know we still have the evenings and even long weekend days to play, but I can't help get into a funk at the thought of going back to school. I will miss the lazy mornings, afternoon naps, blogging, twittering, and just hanging out with my kids. Of course another part of me is excited. New students, a new year, so much just waiting to be experienced. Honestly I really like my job. Every day is a new day and I never know what to expect. It keeps me on my toes and I enjoy knowing that there I am not anybody's mommy or anybody's wife, but rather I'm known for my own abilities to teach.

But of course teaching means also putting my own children in daycare so I can go inspire others.

This year will be a year of transitions for us. Dylan will be coming to my school so we will be able to go in and leave together and Zoe will be starting a brand new daycare. She will be in a pre-school class which I know she will thrive in, but it will also be her first time in a group daycare. There will be more kids than she is used too and probably more structure too. Don't get me wrong, I think both are great, but it will be a transition. Dylan will be going into 2nd grade (aaaggghhh) and he will do well I am sure. I can't wait to watch him grow throughout the year.

I probably should have even counted last week as my final week of vacation since this week is packed with meetings for school, doctors appointments (yes, I realize that I had all summer and shouldn't have waited till the week before school), and school shopping.

Could somebody please discover that magical switch to turn off time because it is going way to fast these days??

When do your kids go back to school?


  1. Faith already wants to know if she can come to your classroom afterschool on the first day to be Dyl's study buddy! I told her she might need to wait a few days!!! :) Guess she misses him!

    I have to agree...I don't wanna go!!!!

  2. I'll let you know if I discover that magical switch!
    My husband (a high school teacher) started back today. I start back a week from today. It doesn't seem like summer can really be over!

  3. I feel your pain sister! I have a meeting tomorrow and one next week before I start for real on the 20th. Kids start on the 25th. Boo Hoo!!

  4. I hear ya! I enjoy my lazy mornings of letting the kids sleep in and just hanging around the house. This summer went way too fast!!

  5. Mel-

    I seriously think time is passing faster with each kid I have. It sort of makes me want to cry!

  6. The kids here have already started!

  7. I agree the summer did go by way too fast this year. If anyone finds that magical switch to turn off time, please let me know. :)

  8. I agree the summer did go by way too fast this year. If anyone finds that magical switch to turn off time, please let me know. :)

  9. Yeah, it's true - time goes by way too fast... Don't give yourself a hard time for not accomplishing everything you wanted over the summer - it's your time off! It goes away fast, so I'm glad you guys had fun, and enjoyed some quality time together! That's important too!! :)

    And the year will go just as fast anyways... :) it'll be the summer again in no time!

    It's really cool that Dylan and you get to go to school together:)

    Have a fun an relaxing last week of summer!!! (well, in between your appointments and meetings:)

  10. Hubby started back yesterday. I can't believe how fast the summer flew by. Enjoy your last 7 days. I hope that they go by very slowly for you.

  11. Transition year for us too!

    This year my daughter will go to full day pre-K. I can't believe she is going to school! My son will be with the same sitter but he has never been away from his sister....which worries me. They are really close....after the fighting I wonder what will happen to their relationship.

    Good luck with school shopping...we are right there with ya.

  12. I was driving home at 8pm and the sun was setting :( Soon I will have to turn on my headlights! N start Sept. 2

  13. My daughter starts at my school on the 25th for the first time...but I won't start until after fall break this year. Taking a bit of time for the new wee one...when I do go back, he'll go to daycare. It will be a new sort of routine for all of us!

  14. The kids here started on the 11th, with Kinder transition days during the week and the Kindergartners starting on Friday.
    We had our transition day today. The summer went by so fast. Holy guacamole!

  15. My kids go back to school on Sep 4 but my semester starts Aug 25. I have no idea where the summer went either. My "To Do" list grew longer instead of shorter - ugh! I played with the kids instead so I don't mind :O)

  16. Abby starts first grade on Sept. 2. She's SO excited. I'm excited for her but kind of anxious to find out which teacher she got and whether or not she gets into the after care program we want!

  17. I agree. I hate the thought.

    I know my house stays MUCH cleaner but other than that, not many perks to school start. *sigh*

  18. Oh Mel. I just posted about this today. I'm in the funk. I feel cranky, sad, irritated...and it's because it's all over. And I don't even go back to work! I always dread the setting of alarms, the 3 kids homework load, the projects. UGH! Capital's K-9 starts Thursday the 21st. NEXT THURSDAY! *sniff*


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