Sunday, July 20, 2008

WOW Weekend - Part 1 The Crab Feast

Since about Friday we have been on the go, go, and then going some more. We've had lots of fun though, which is what summer vacation is all about. So for the next couple of days I'll work on bringing you up to speed by parts.

Let's start with Friday...

One of my all time favorite foods is steamed crabs. For those of you who don't have a clue what a steamed crab may look like here you go...

The crabs we eat around here are actually Maryland Blue Crabs and as their name suggest are blue before they meet their fate in the crab pot. We steam them with vinegar and water and lots of seasoning of Old Bay, salt, and other spices. My mouth is watering just describing it. At the end of every great crab feast is an incredibly huge mess. As you can see, Shawn, aka blogstalker, has to swim through the debris.

Sorry I can't post any pictures from the actual crab feast as in when there are piles of uneaten crabs, but when there are crabs to be eaten you will not find me taking pictures. I am usually the first at the table and the last to get up. Nothing gets between me and my crabs!!

The best thing about a crab feast though, well other than gorging yourself on crab, is that although it produces quite a mess it cleans up quick and easy. The trick is to put lots of newspapers on the table before you eat, that way when you are done all you have to do is roll up the paper and drop it in a trash bag. Dave and his mom are modeling how its done.

And that's it. Gotta love the clean up.

So who's coming over for our next crab feast??!!


  1. ummm yeah, so count me in for that!!! :D

  2. I'm SOOOO jealous!!! We haven't had crabs all summer (invision a big pouty face now). I think it's time to start whining and begging for some, don't ya think?? Oh my gosh, I can almost taste them now...yum!


  3. We had really good crabs from Lazy Susan's on Route 1 in Rehoboth while at the beach. They were some of the best I ever had. Love to sit and pick them!

  4. I'm coming over -- what's your address? We usually head up to LBI in early September for our crabfest. Mmmmmmm

  5. me me me!! I want in on the party! I love crabbys but hardly ever get them. Too expensive!

  6. ps. I see the Mikes drinks sitting on the table.. now THAT I could go for right now!!

  7. I'll be right there! I wanna be TAN like you. *sigh*

    Ghostly white in Iowa


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