Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Nature Walk

During the summer, we are on the go plenty, but then there are some days when I ask the kids what they want to do and they ask to just stay home. These days are our lazy days where we stay in our pajamas until after nap time, watch some tv, play in our rooms, and just relax.

Yesterday was one of these days. By the evening though I was itching to get out of the house. I decided since I had a short grocery list I would grab the wagon and walk up to the little grocery store that is about a mile and half up the road. Zoe saw me putting on my running shoes and hooking up my Ipod and asked if she could go with me. While the selfish mommy in me was screaming, "No, I want some peace" the nice mommy won out by saying "Sure you can, put on your shoes."

So we loaded up the wagon with a cooler so we could bring back ice cream, grabbed some water, and began our adventure. Of course, Zoe had no inclination to walk, but instead wanted to ride, which was fine because then I could go a bit faster. A good thing considering the sky had become dark and the clouds starting to pile up as we were packing for the trek. We actually made it to the grocery store in about 20 minutes...not bad for over a mile while pulling a wagon.

We got to the store and started loading up the cart...water bottles, dog food, milk, peanut butter, you know all the little stuff. Meanwhile we also picked up some things not on the list like fresh blueberries, peaches, fruit snacks...As more items were being placed in the cart I kept trying to remind myself that whatever I bought I was pulling home so that limited some of my impulse purchases, but probably not enough as I later discovered. We made our purchase and then came the game of getting everything to fit in the wagon. Everything did eventually fit...that is all except for Zoe! According to her though, it was okay because she was a big girl and had on her "pink run shoes" so they would help her walk home.

Off we went on our way home. This time our pace was much slower. Zoe would stop every few feet to smell a flower, touch a bug, pick up a rock...Of course she had to stop me also to enjoy these sights with her. We passed a campground where judging by the smell lots of people had their campfires burning. Together we sniffed the air enjoying the scent and talking about S'mores and how we can't wait to go camping in a few weeks so we can have a fire to roast marshmallows. As we passed the woods, we listened carefully to the crickets and bugs chirping to each other. Zoe convinced me that they were all saying goodnight to each other and getting ready for bed. We saw a beetle which Zoe declared to be "HUMUNGUS" and I must agree since it was the biggest beetle I surely have ever seen. There was a little yellow flower beckoning to be picked along with some little purple ones and Zoe happily obliged. A lightening bug was happily flying around lighting the sky and Zoe decided it would make a great walking companion so she held it in her hand for the walk home. She also found a red, white, and blue bow that must have been blown off somebody's house on the side of the road that she wanted to take home to decorate her door. So many treasures!

All of these things I would have missed had not the nice mommy won out and allowed Zoe to join me on my walk. I would have turned on the Ipod, pulled the wagon, and marched toward the store with full steam ahead. There I would have grabbed the groceries, thrown them in the wagon, and did the same thing coming home. So many of natures sights and smells would have went right on by because as Mary Poppins would say I wouldn't have seen "pass the end of my nose." Walking with Zoe opened up a whole new world to me and I had a blast seeing it all from her point of view! Even if it did take twice as long to get home!!


  1. That is so sweet. It's great to recognize how important your kids are.

  2. Aww...that's nice, Mel. I TOTALLY would have been all, "No...stay home with Dad." :)
    You're so much sweeter than I am. I bow to you.

  3. I love going on nature hikes! In fact we have one planned for Monday at Sarah's house. The jungle walk. Dora will be there giving out nature kits so this will be a huge adventure. Sarah is even going to hide stuff for the kids to find. I am all about the outdoors. Something the kids these days are missing out on:(

  4. What a wonderful post :) That is so sweet and special you took the time to experience the world through her eyes.

  5. Kids have a way of slowing us down and making us enjoy the scenery... must be their short legs that do that!

  6. I am totally impressed that you WALKED there! You get the Best Mama award on this one!!


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