Saturday, July 5, 2008

Just for you, Shawn!

Despite what you may think, my husband is actually the more social one. People seem to gravitate towards him and perfect strangers will begin conversations, ask his advice, or just share a laugh with him. I guess he just sends that message "Hey, I'm a nice guy...come talk to me and I'll listen." Me on the other hand, I think I send more of a vibe of "Sorry, can't talk now...very busy" or just plain "leave me alone." However, when it comes to hanging out with people we usually are with my friends. Not that they are not his friends too, but it usually goes like this. I meet the people, invite them over, hubbies meet, they get along, and voila...friends. Basically, the only reason we ever hang out with anybody is because I schedule the get togethers and then inform him of when to expect company or when/where we are going out. Hence the whine on girls night that it's not fair cause he doesn't have guys night. My response...when you schedule it, you can go!!

But, things are starting to change. Dave and another guy from work have clicked and Dave thinks so much of him that he has actually taken the initiative to invite him over. Nevermind that it was to functions I had already planned, the fact is that he actually invited them over. The really great thing is that this guy has a super nice wife too. That would be a wife who likes margarita's, shopping, and playing Wii...very cool in my book!

So last night we headed to the beach to watch the fireworks with them. They were such troopers by letting me take a couple pictures of them while trying to figure out how to take good shots in the dusk. I never did get a perfect picture, but I think this one is kind of cool...

And now it's official...they are my friends too, cause they made my blog!!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words. We are so glad to have found friends like you. Thank you for all that you have done for us, we appreciate your kindness,friendship, and generosity. Know that if you ever need anything we are here and will try our best to help out in anyway. You have made us realize that time is too short and we need to get out and enjoy it a little and we always have a great time with your family. Looking forward to DISNEY!!!!!!


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