Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Too much of a good thing? HELP!

Hi, I'm Mel and I'm a Blogaholic!!

During the summer, I often hear families discussing the subject of screen time for their kids. How many hours should TV be limited to? Computer time? Video games? I have even found myself wondering if I was allowing my son to play Wii too much as he would whine when asked to play outside. Dave is a big TV person. On his days off the TV is on first thing in the morning and pretty much stays on all day. When he gets home after work, the first thing he does is turn on the TV. Now he does not always sit and watch it, but he enjoys having it on for background purposes. I, on the otherhand, am not really a TV person and can do just fine without background noise too. I'm perfectly content with a bit of quiet now and then, thank you!

If you were a fly on the wall in our house, at some point you would probably have heard me complaining how it drives me crazy that the TV is constantly on. However, my complaints came to a screeching halt when Dave countered my argument by pointing out that my computer was on as much, if not more, as the TV was. Not only that, but I an engaged with it much more than he is with the TV. Okay, I confess he is absolutely right.

I am addicted to blogging. I began blogging to keep my family and friends up to date with the kids, but now blogging is much more than that. I am definitely a mommy blogger whose niche is as a mom. I enjoy telling about our family's adventures, talking about being a teacher, or just plain rambling. Writing posts make me happy and I have mentioned before that I blog for my sanity. While updating my own blog brings me much enjoyment, I also greatly enjoy reading other blogs. I have watched my Google Reader grow from 10 or so blogs to many, many more and I look forward to reading all the new items each day. I also like to leave comments because not only do I want people to know I read and enjoyed their posts, but also because I do hope they will come and visit me too. And they have! It has been awesome to watch my Feedburner readers grow, more and more hits displaying on my Statcounter, Technorati ranking increase, and to have at least a couple comments on each post. I'm a data junkie so reading all these numbers and trying to find ways to keep them increasing is a blast.

However, I know that there can be something known as too much of a good thing. I'm wondering if perhaps I put to much time into my addiction hobby. I don't want my kids to remember their summer as the summer that mommy sat in front of the computer. I want them to remember me playing with them, fun outings, and family time.

This is where I need your help. Tell me...
  • Do you set limits for your screen time?
  • When do you do most of your blogging/twittering?
  • Do you find yourself trying to schedule posts?
  • Do you take a day "off"?
  • Do you ever question if you spend too much time blogging/twittering?

I guess I'm looking for the reassurance that I am not damaging my kids for life and that it is okay to enjoy my new found passion for blogging. Many of you are wonderful mommies and have awesome blogs so come on share your secrets!

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  1. I do limit my online time every day but then again I work online so I would be on 12 hours a day if I didn't limit myself. With that being said, I will often preschedule my blogging posts if I want to be off for a few days, I love that blogger feature!

  2. I am not a good one to ask because I have totally hogged my parents' computer while here on vacation. They think I have been sucked in but I have been trying to detach once in awhile to talk but then I am so deep in thought over what I can blog next that my mom now thinks I am hard of hearing. It is indeed scary. At home I get about 1/2 hour in the AM before the kiddies get up, an hour sometime later in the day and perhaps an hour before bedtime. Certainly not enough to keep up with all the socializing!

  3. I actually sent my daughter to camp this summer so I could have some uninterrupted time building my blogging niche and getting my blog off the ground while I'm on summer vacation from the high school in which I work. I felt guilty for all of about five minutes - when she told me the first day that I picked her up too early! She definitely needs more socializing than I could give her alone - or want to give her actually. And if that makes me a lesser mom, I'm going to just have to live with it. My blogging and connecting with other bloggers is important to me, and mom sacrifice a lot without giving it all up! :)

  4. I try to do all my writing and reading in the early morning before anyone is up or after 8 at night, unless no one is home. Sometimes I get sucked back in because all my email goes to my phone. If not, not only would I completely disengage but nothing would get done either.

  5. I guess I'm just not as into blogging as you are. I like it and all but I find I spend more of my time reading others stories. I haven't put much on mine.
    I don't really limit my screen time but I don't want to be my dad - someone who seems glued to the screen and misses out on family. I usually spend time after Abe is in bed, napping or at night.

    I guess for me if blogging was taking away from the time that I have with Abe - time that I don't get during the school year - then it would become a problem for me. Being that working mom, I feel I miss so much during the school year. I'm not willing to give up my one on one time with him for the computer.

    That is just my 2 personal cents and it might not be the sentiments of anyone else.
    (side note: Abe DOES watch TV, mostly in the morning, probably more than he should but it helps me get some stuff done that I can't with him hanging on me!)

  6. Since this is still sort of new to me, I have been rather obsessed with it all - I love blogging and I have been on the computer a lot. And I am fascinated by all those stats!

    At some point, I will need to place a limit or create a blogging schedule.

    I have experienced some side benefits from all my blogging and blog-reading though: cleaner house from cleaning challenges, working on weight loss, now read my Bible daily after being convicted by a blog, started using some coupons at the store, am receiving free samples, won some giveaways, and other miscellaneous benefits. Not bad, I say!

  7. I usually blog only during the day - while at work : ) I'm rarely on the computer in the evenings and don't blog on the weekends unless I have a review or something like that I'm committed to. I don't feel guilty if I miss a day posting - I used to but don't any more.

  8. I am a blogaholic to the Nth degree as well! I'm not sure how much damage I'm doing to the any insight would be awesome! ha!ha!
    Anyways, glad there are others with the same addiction as me!lol!

  9. Dont stop! Of course, consider the source...I'm the one Sally made sure we had internet access for when we went to Charleston! However, I love to read your blog to catch up on what you, Dave, and the kids are up to...any way you could persuade your sister-in-law to do one too????? Also, I think you have an awesome talent when it comes to writing and I'd enjoy your blog even if we weren't related! Love, Aunt Steph

  10. i try to limit my screen time, but i love blogging and it is my free time. i set a timer and get up and down A LOT! i rarely schedule posts but i draft a lot and edit those. i have these same worries all the time....and i cut back facebook/twitter so i could get back to email and blogs!! :)


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