Friday, June 27, 2008

Oldies, but Goodies

Friendships come and friendships go. This could be due to personal reasons, moving away, or just circumstances changing. Then there are some friendships that were meant to last forever. That would be my friendship with Bek.

Honestly, I can't remember life before her. Our parents attended the same church when we were very young and from when I can remember till I was about 12 we were pretty much inseparable. When I was 12 my parents left the church and our friendship sort of took a hiatus, however we still saw each other occasionally and would talk now and then. The great thing was that we would go ages without speaking, but then when we connected again it was like we had never been separated. We would pick up right where we were and move on.

During our time apart both of us experienced some hard times. When I look back I regret that we were not closer during them because perhaps we could have provided each other with more strength making everything just a bit easier to get through. I wish I could have been that friend by her side, encouraging her, crying with her, and pulling her through. But, hindsight is always 20/20 and we can't live in the past.

When I was getting married all I could think about was how I wanted Bek in my wedding. As children we had of coursed planned our weddings and futures. We were going to build a huge house with two separate wings (one for my family and one for hers because of course we wanted some privacy) and then a common area where we would eat together and hang out. It only felt right that on my wedding day she was there standing beside me. So I called her, we picked up our friendship, and she was my bridesmaid. Two years later, I had the same honor at her wedding!

Now we are both happily married with two children each. Although we live a couple hours away from each other, we email regularly, talk on the phone when we can, attend birthday parties for the family, and the great thing is that they love to visit the beach where we just so happen to live so we get to have a few long visits a year.

Why am I blogging about this right now? Well it just so happens that I have gotten to spend the last few days with Bek and her kiddos as they came to visit while her hubby was on a business trip. Our kids play so well together and it is a blast watching them become childhood friends and carry on the legacy so to speak. The funny thing is that even though they came to visit the beach we didn't really go to the beach. We did go into Bethany one evening for ice cream and into Rehoboth another night to ride some boardwalk rides and eat more ice cream, but we didn't go to the beach for the day at all. Actually our days were spent staying home and just relaxing in the comfort of our friendship. I didn't feel like I had to entertain so we basically sat on the couches chatting some, reading books, working playing on the computer, and watching our kids build their friendships.

It was a wonderful few days and I am so blessed to be able to say that one of my best friends is somebody I have known all my life!!

Love you Bek!!!

Cause I know you all love pix so much, here are a few from the past few days...


  1. okay- you didnt tell me I needed tissues- sheesh!! (mopping up the tears) I am honored to be on your blog (lol) but more importantly I am honored to be one of your closest friends. I wouldnt trade our friendship for the world and now that we have kids with equally great friendships- I feel 10 times more blessed! This week was probably the best week I have had all year. We so needed the get-away and.... well, thank you. Im so thankful that God blessed me with you- I love you!!

  2. What a sweet story about friendship. Good friends are such a blessing!

  3. what a great friend you have....great photos :)

  4. Those munchkins are so freakin adorable.

  5. I LOVE those kind of friends!! They are the best! You just made me miss one of hoo......


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