Monday, June 16, 2008

My Brightest Moment or NOT

So I mentioned my $100 EZ pass offense, but thought the story deserved it's own post.

Before heading to Philly on Friday I had to drop off my Tahoe at the dealership because something was wrong with the 4 wheel drive. I was thinking I wouldn't worry about it till the fall until I realized that I had to have my 4wd to drive on the beach. Since we drive on the beach a couple times a week to go surf fishing this of course was a problem. Anyways, I went ahead and got an appointment for Friday. The dealership was kind enough to give me a rental car to keep for the few days the truck would be in the shop. So on my way by to Philly I exchanged cars and continued on my way.

When making my way to Philly I took a toll road with two toll booths. These tolls are part of the EXpass system where you have transponders in your car so you can take express lanes through the booths without stopping. The transponders then charge your account. Do you see where this is going??!! We have transponders on both of our cars because we drive often to see my parents and visit Baltimore. I could not tell you the last time I stopped to pay a toll. Friday was not any different. I didn't stop. At the two going to Philly or the two coming back from Philly. Nope. Went right on through them. It wasn't until I was a few miles past the last toll on my way home that I had an epiphany. I'm driving a rental car. I don't have a transponder. I just illegally drove through four tolls. Each offense costs $25 plus the toll fee, yep that would be over $100 I was now going to have to pay.

My first thought, of course, was to call my husband who can fix anything. Once he stopped laughing at me he told me there wasn't anything I could do right then so I should relax. Then he suggested I call EZpass to see if they could use my account to pay for the tolls. So today I called EZpass and spoke to a very nice customer service rep. She said that I could add the license number and I may have caught it in time. She also said that if I do get a bill then I can appeal it since I called to add the license number. I did tell the dealership too just in case they do get a bill and I was told that it has happened before.

Good to know I'm not the only dumb Delaware driver!!


  1. Bummer! Hopefully you did catch it in time - at least you made the effort!

  2. ha! That was too funny.

    But totally understandable...well maybe once, but still...I would do it too!

    Hopefully you can get it taking care of!

  3. Oh man, that totally never would have occurred to me either! I am glad you remembered it before it was too late!

  4. That is totally something I would do! I ran a redlight coming up 301 from the South through PG county - $75 later... and then another one the next year here in Bel Air... it sucks!

  5. I hope contacting them works. That would stink!

  6. I hope it works out!

    I actually did something like that. Going down the turnpike in FL I was following my hubby in a rental car. He goes thru the E-Pass and I start to go thru. This guy starts waving frantically and freaking out. I thought something fell out of the car and I stopped. He runs up and tells me that I am running the EPass lane. I laugh and said I had a transponder and pointed to where it USUSALLY is..........then said if I were trying to run it, I wouldn't have stopped. He was not laughing. He said I had to pay and believe it or not, I didn't have the change. So I had an I owe U from there that I had to pay! Go figure. It was for the exact amount, which was good. But the guy just rolled his eyes at me. LOL

  7. That is definitely the kind of thing that I would do. lol

    I've tagged you for a meme. Please don't hate me!


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