Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Like Daughter, Like Mommy

The other day Zoe and I went shopping and she found a pair of shoes that she had to have. When we got home she put them on right away and didn't take them off all night. I'm not kidding...she even slept in them. Before she went to bed though she just had to take some pictures of her new pair of shoes.

Yep, she is my daughter.

Not to be outdone, I had to take some pictures of my adorable new shoes that were actually a birthday gift from a friend. (Thanks, Laurie, they were the best birthday gift know me so well!!!)

Aren't they too cute? The ribbon is interchangeable so I can match every outfit. Now if only I can figure out how to tie the ribbon to make it look so pretty. I just may have to go visit my friend every morning to get her to change the ribbon for me!!


  1. That's so sweet. I love it when my daughter loves something I love. New shoes are a treat.

  2. Wonder if she will be like her Aunt Steph and have to have extra shoe organizers hanging from her closet doors??? I think I need a second job just to support my shoe habit! ;-) May Zoe and you continue to have Happy Feet!!! Love, Aunt Steph

  3. I love thos shoes - where did your friend find them?

  4. The shoes are OKA b. and you can find them at www.http://www.shoesthatloveyou.comThey have tons of styles that are super cute and oh so comfortable. Let me know if you get a pair so I can check them out!!


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