Friday, May 9, 2008

A Walk to the Beach

Last weekend my parents came to visit and watch the kids while I took my Board's test. After the test on Saturday we hung around the house and played some Wii, then went out to dinner. It was a pretty low key day.

On Sunday it was absolutely beautiful so after playing for awhile at the local park we decided to walk to the beach. Now I am lucky to live close to the beach, but it is exactly 2.34 miles away and walking that while pulling kids in a wagon can really wear you out. It's okay though because once we go there we all took a break and enjoyed a huge bucket of Boardwalk fries and lemonade. Pretty much eating all the calories we had walked off and probably a few more to boot. Anyways, it was a gorgeous day and the exercise felt wonderful.


  1. GREAT PICTURES!! Thanks for sharing. We live near the beach in RI. Isn't it the best!!??
    Have a Happy MOther's Day!!!

  2. MMMMMMM I LOVE Boardwalk Fries! Will you send me some!? : )


  3. mmm fries with the skins on my fave. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Aww, so fun you could hang out together...holy muttchop bucket o' fav!! Congrats on little Sophie, Auntie Mel!! :) Love to y'all! Happy Mother's day!!

  5. Those fries look sooooo good.

    I wish we lived near the beach.

    Hey - we Philly girls are planning a bloggy meetup around June 13 or 14 since we've realized that a number of regulars live actually quite close. We'll probably aim to meet in King of Prussia. My friend over at Musings is rounding everyone up. You don't live that far - are you around then?


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