Friday, May 2, 2008

Tomorrow is THE Test Day

Tomorrow is the day I take the assessment portion of my National Board's. I am a bit nervous because I feel that I haven't spent nearly the time preparing for this as my portfolio. This part is weighed less than the portfolio so I am sure this is the case with all candidates, but still. The test is on the computer and I have 6 tests that are 30 minutes each. They cover health, reading, science, history, art, and math. The content is so broad and could be teaching anything in these areas for students from early elementary to middle school. Yeah...that is what I'm thinking too. At least I am a pretty quick and accurate typer so this will work in my favor. Now I just have to focus on my content!

Once I submit these assessments though I have officially completed the National Board process. Then it is all a waiting game to see if I will pass and become a Nationally Board Certified Teacher!! Doesn't that just sound so impressive...I can even put NBCT behind my name on educational papers!!

Oh, please God, let me pass!!


  1. Best Wishes Mel- <3 Susan

  2. Lots of prayers headed your way! You're going to nail it! Aunt Steph

  3. I have no doubt that you will do amazingly well on the test. Just breathe and be confident. You are in my prayers!


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