Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Recap

As you may have read, Saturday was cleaning day. You don't want to miss me putting myself out there by posting pix tomorrow for my first Tackle it Tuesday so come on back okay!! Sunday, was a bit more relaxing as we decided to head to Salisbury and do some shopping first before I got involved in cleaning. Hubby knows that once I start something I will not stop until it is done and done well. He was on the hunt for a new grill and I had a whole list of things I wanted needed . We got a lot accomplished including lunch at Chuck E. Cheeses. This was a great treat for the kids and kept them happy on a gray, rainy day. Here is just some of the fun we had...

After lunch we headed to one of my all time favorite stores Target to get the goods. Zoe got a big bed set since she told us that her toddler bed is a baby bed and she will only sleep in the futon in her room. Of course she picked out this Hannah Montana set...yes, she is only 3. She is not really into the show, but we have the cd's and she can hold her own with Hannah! The great thing is that we have been having a lot of trouble with Zoe staying in her bed all night and can I just tell you that she did not leave her bed the entire night!! I had to go to her this morning to get her up for school. That comforter was worth the small fortune we paid for it considering hubby and I had our bed all to ourselves! I also got two side table lamps and a really cute mat for the front door with a crab on it. Of course I picked up all those little things too like vitamins, Kandoo's, Draino, bubble bath...I was disappointed though because I really was hoping for a cute new purse, but they didn't have anything at my Target. Guess it will have to wait!

After our shopping trip we had to haul butt to get to swimming classes on time. The kids are doing so well with swimming. I wish I would have taken a video of them at the beginning to compare to now. Dylan is practicing all the strokes and does laps while Zoe is swimming all by herself. She does wear a little back vest for practice on her own and when the teacher is working with Dyl, but the vest comes off to practice swimming on her own. She is entirely too cute when she swims as she tries to move her little arms as fast as she can. I promise a video next week!

When we got home from swimming I immediately tackled Zoe's room because I knew if I sat down I wasn't going to move again! Her room wasn't too bad, but I did fill half a garbage bag with stuff and have lots of things to put on eBay and in our yard sale. Of course we had to make her "new" bed too. The new comforter looks so grown up on her bed. I'm so sad to see the princess comforter on the little toddler bed leave. Oh well I guess that is what happens when you blink.

So that is how I spent my weekend. What about you? Do anything exciting?


  1. I love the chuckecheese pictures. Oh how I would love to sink my teeth into that pizza!

  2. My oldest as that Hannah set and my 2 1/2 year old walks around the house signing "Best of Both WOrlds" by "hannah tanna"


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