Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Hunt

We have had some gorgeous weather here in Delaware. Last Friday has been the best so far with the temp in the mid 70's, bright sun, and that fresh spring air. It was way to nice to stay inside after school so when the kids and I got home we decided to go on a spring hunt. I grabbed my camera and Zoe grabbed hers...Dylan decided he needed a camera!! So I shared my with Dyl because I'm a nice mom like that. Here are some signs that spring has sprung!

Can you find the robin above? She was protecting the eggs below.

While we were out on our hunt this bright red cardinal came flying by. Oh how I wish I had a better zoom on my camera. Dylan did his best capturing it!

Dylan took all of the pictures above. All I did was give them a little crop. He has quite a nice little eye don't ya think? A big shout out to Deb, our gardening neighbor, because not one of the pretty flowers was from our yard, but from her beautiful gardens!


  1. Dylan certainly has an eye for pretty pictures! I especially like the picture of the blue eggs in the nest!

  2. Beautiful! Glad you FINALLY got in your spring walk! It's supposed to be pretty nice here this week...have an awesome one!! :0 xoxox

  3. Dylan is now hooked on taking pictures...I think somebody will need his own camera soon or maybe mommy will need a new one!!

  4. We finally had some Spring-like weather here sights like that around here yet though.

    I can't wait for it!


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