Monday, April 21, 2008

Somebody kick me in the butt!

I have been on Weight Watchers for about a year and three months. As soon as I started the weight came off relatively easy. I must say I am a pretty stubborn person and once I get my mind on something I get it done. By the time summer vacation came around I was in the 150's and enjoying my new body. I didn't go hard core during the summer, but did still try to lose some. I think when I went back to school I was about 6 pounds lighter. Then I started again faithfully counting my points. In December I was around 148 and was beginning to get stuck in a rut. I decided to go ahead and let loose for the holidays hoping that when I began again in January my body would kind of be shocked back into losing mode. So I enjoyed my holidays and after Christmas had about 6 extra pounds to lose again. I hopped back on the bandwagon, but have to admit that since January I have only about 6 extra pounds. As soon as I get in the low 140's it is like my body stops losing.

Since it has been doing this for the past couple of months I find myself becoming very frustrated and having a hard time sticking with the program because I'm not seeing the results. I drink my water, have increased my exercise, and will stay within my points for a week and nothing! This in turn frustrates me and guess what? I eat!! Take today for instance...this morning I weighed and gained another pound after a pretty active weekend which included walking 2.5 miles last night. What the heck??!! So I had a decent breakfast and a lunch full of veggies and what do I do when I get home? Eat a 9 point muffin, have a 4 point bowl of ice cream, crab dip that I don't even want to know the point value of, plus a bowl of Cheerios. Then I sit here and get so ticked at myself that I did that. Why didn't I check the points of the muffin before I got home rather than stuffing it in my mouth when I got home?

I have got to do something! It seems like every week I am telling myself the same thing and it is getting old for me to write let alone for you all to read. I just can't figure out what to do? I increased my walking, drink my water, and am even getting in my veggies, but for some reason I'm so hungry especially in the afternoon. I find myself coming home and indulging in not so great stuff. Then the guilt settles in. I hate this routine, but I can't seem to get out of it. I do try veggies and fruit, but it still doesn't curb my hunger.

I feel like because I hit a plateau and I am now spiraling out of control because I am so darn frustrated that I don't lose even when I do well. I tell myself "well it doesn't really matter how well I do because I am not going to lose anyway so why not have a little ice cream." Yes, I do know that I am definitely not going to lose if I keep this up either. So what is a girl supposed to do? Please share your words of wisdom. I really need all the help I can get right now!!

Week 65 / +1 / -42


  1. look at your daily meals and the points you allow for them. Are your days top heavy, bottom heavy or balanced on the snacky days?

    Are you eating enough protein?

    Are you eating a lot of processed things?

    REALLY look at what you're eating and analyze it.

  2. Oh, and don't be so hard on yourself.

    You've done fanfreakintastic.

  3. I agree, you have done great.

    I am at 145, and would love to get that last 5 off, but I too am stuck in a rut. We need a get out of rut party...

    Oh, and gave you an award today...

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  5. Hang in there, Mel!
    For me I had to simply purge my pantry of all temptation. Frankly, if it's here, I'm gonna eat it. Just knowing it (whatever "it" is) is in the freezer or in the cupboard makes me think about it until I just go get it and eat it. Ugh!

  6. Losing weight is TOUGH! Seriously, join me on Fridays and weigh-in about your successes and struggles. I know I need the support!

  7. It is hard to get out of that rut. I have tried many many times myself. Especially when I put on an outfit that I really like and it's like I'm squishing myself in. Ugh!

  8. You can do you want me to give you a kickin hehe. Just kidding. Don't make yourself feel bad...


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