Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's the Weekend!

I honestly didn't think I would ever see the end of this past week. As I lay here in bed with Dylan and Zoe playing next to me, with the sun streaming in the windows, listening to the birds sing outside my open windows I am perfectly content!!

Not so with Zoe though as she woke up this morning at 7 saying, "Mommy the birds are tweeting everywhere and they are waking me up." I'm sure she'll adjust!

I have a pretty busy weekend planned, but nothing really stressful. Today I am planning to tackle the catch all room. It is known as the playroom/office/guestroom and I have to admit *gulp* that when you see the before pictures they show how it looks probably 80% of the time! It is so bad that I don't even have my cleaning ladies who visit every other week go near it. Not anymore we are getting rid of a lot of stuff and reorganizing what we have so that it will have a better chance of staying picked up. I am sure this room will probably make up half of my yard sale. I am ready to take it on though and can't wait to see it all done!!

Tonight I have girl's night and cannot wait. We are going to a fancy Italian restaurant and we get to celebrate a birthday so it is even better. It will be great to catch up on all the family and work gossip (between the 6 of us we work at 3 schools in the same district). These girls are truly my BFF and I treasure every moment we have together. I'm going to try to get some pix, but that is always my intention and then I get caught up in the talking, laughing, and wining and well picture taking gets left at the wayside. I'll do my best though!!

Tomorrow is pretty open although will include grocery shopping and swimming lessons. Other than that we'll have to see.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. I have to finish up work on my Masters classes - this one finishes next Sunday and the following Sunday my next class starts... they don't let you sit still for a second!! Running to Target is also on my list! :)


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