Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're Off!

Today was my last day of school and HAPPY SPRING BREAK to me! It really felt like the day before Christmas break today as I did not want to do anything. It seems since I have sent of my Portfolio that my brain and body have decided to become very lazy.

Well everything is packed, my toenails are pretty in pink, the camera has fresh batteries and an empty card, and the excitement is building. We leave tomorrow for San Diego!! Our flight is tomorrow night. It is weird because we leave at 5 pm for a 6 hour flight, but get in CA around 8 pm due to the time change. Should be fun with the kids! I printed all our tickets to Sea World, the Zoo, and Legoland. I heart technology! All of the tickets could be printed with the bar codes so I didn't have to pay for any shipping and we don't have to wait in any lines to purchase tickets. Instead I have a folder of bar codes for our vacation. I am sure we will be quite a site in the airport considering we have two huge suitcases (don't worry I weighed them!), two smaller suitcases for the kids, each kid has a carry on, I have a carry on and my purse of course. Then we have the stroller too. I am sure I will have a lot to share just about our adventure of getting from the airport parking lot to the terminal!

I am hoping to upload some pictures a few times while we are away. However, if time passes me by HAPPY EASTER everybody!!


  1. Have a GREAT GREAT time, y'all!! So excited for you and can't wait for the picts! Enjoy your family time...Happy Easter to you too!! xoxox

  2. I'm admittedly a bit jealous but I hope you have a FANTASTIC time!!


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