Monday, March 31, 2008

Time to Get Serious

If you have been following me on my weighloss journey you know that I joined Weight Watchers in Jan 2007 and have lost forty-some pounds. However since after the New Year, when I supposedly was getting back on track after taking December off, I have flip flopped a few pounds here and there maintaining my loss, but not losing any more. My goal is 130lb although 125 would be great so I have that 5 pounds to play with. After our vacation, in which I swear I walked miles and miles, I currently weigh 145. With the B-I-G birthday 10 1/2 weeks away now is the time to get serious to meet my goal by my birthday! This would mean I need to lose an average of 2lb. per week. It may be a stretch, but I am going to try my hardest to get er' done!

With the completion of my Board's I am not nearly as stressed any more plus have my evenings back since I don't have to type my nights away. Therefore, I have no excuses for not getting my bottom on the treadmill. Also with the warm weather coming (hopefully very soon!) I can do some walking outside and get in some yard work to keep me exercising even more. Snacking has been a bit of an issue since after Christmas and I am hoping that if I get back to snacking on healthy things I may be able to curb the desire to munch.

Here's my plan:
  • Eat lots of fruits and veggies so I feel full being careful to find the ones that are not full of sugar making me more hungry

  • Drink all my water and more

  • Stop drinking the diet sodas (I didn't drink them for the longest time, but they have seemed to sneak back in to my days)

  • Begin walking on the treadmill increasing the speed and incline continuously

  • Gradually begin jogging again

  • COUNT EVERY POINT THAT ENTERS MY MOUTH! (I have not consistently counted points since November and it is going to stop here!)

  • Get out and visit my Weight Watching friends blogs to get meal ideas, support, and encouragement!

The great thing is that today is also the first day of the Spring Operation so I have even more motivation! I can't wait to slide my bottom into those size 6 shorts this summer!!

I'll keep you posted...first weigh in this Saturday!!!


  1. Wow! 40-some pounds already! You are an inspiration. I'm sure you'll reach your goal, sounds like you have a lot of determination!

  2. Size 6 shorts - now that's a goal. It's good that you've included exercise into your plan. I'm not that far along yet. Congratulations on the weight you've already lost. Way to go. I'm participating, too. But I'm not posting my info. on my front page. Instead I'm hiding it at the back until I have some success.

  3. Wow congratulations on the weight loss already. I know you will meet your goal. We can do this!!!

  4. Enjoyed your blog, and I will keep in touch with you...I have just decided to get rid of my "baby weight" too. :)


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