Friday, March 7, 2008

Just call me sick-o...

Cause that is what I have been the past four days. I woke up feeling just peachy on Monday and by the time I got home from a late meeting that night my throat was killing me and I was shaking with chills. Tuesday morning I woke up sweating, but determined to get to school because it was the day before state test. I finally gave in by mid-morning and took the afternoon off to come home and rest, promising my students that I would be there the next day. Thankfully Dave was home because I literally walked in the door and straight to bed for the remainder of the night. I gave in to taking some medicine because I knew I had to be at school the next day...there was not any way I was not going to be with my students on the first day of their state test. I woke up on Wednesday and felt even worse. My throat was on fire and it hurt just to breathe plus I was still shaking with chills. I went to school though and supported my students on their test. Thank goodness my student teacher was in my room because there were a few minutes that I had to rest at my desk and at one point lay down on the floor behind it because I felt so light headed. By 1:00 when my last student was finished I was exhausted and went to rest in the nurse's office. She ended up sending me home. I finally got a doctor's appointment yesterday so I went to school for half day to finish the math portion of the state test and then went to see what was wrong. The good news is that it is not strep, which is what the nurse and I thought. It is just a case of a bad virus. My throat is feeling much better and the fever broke yesterday so now all I have is one stuffy nose and a nasty sounding cough. I did take today off to get some rest. Dave was great and took the kids to school so I could really rest. It felt wonderful! I am feeling much better, but very weak. I think the fever on top of just the stress I have been under wore me down. Maybe this was just my body's way of saying "Ok you have to take a breath now!"

So now you know why I was missing in action...for once it was NOT because of my board's. Speaking of which I better go...


  1. have a really restful weekend! catch up on all the sleep you've been missing!!

  2. sleep, rest and lots of fluids. Sounds like we were out of commission on the same days... me with pneumonia and you with the flu. You have been going so hard on the Boards stuff... now you HAVE to take a break!


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