Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hollywood and Oceanside - Day 7 Spring Vacation

On our last day of vacation we decided to head back to Hollywood to actually walk the Hall of Fame. We found some of our favorites as you can see from the slide show, but I was disappointed because I didn't find Johnny Depp or Julia Roberts. I did get to put my hand in George Clooney's though so all is well!! All along the street were musicians and impersonators. Of course Zoe was thrilled to see Minnie since she wasn't able to see her at Disney. You can tell it is a very skinny Minnie though and the costume was sorely in need of a washing. As we were leaving there was somebody in front of Jimmy Kimmel's building getting pictures with people, but for the life of me I have no idea who she was. Mostly teenage girls were in line for pictures and the paparazzi wasn't surrounding her so I am thinking it must not have been anybody too popular. We got lunch at the Hollywood McDonald's and Dylan was impressed that they even had their own star on the floor! A neat experience, but as Dave put it "Been there, done that, and will never feel the need to do it again!"

After our visit to Hollywood we decided to take the coastal route back down to San Diego. This was a nice break after fighting all the LA traffic! We ended up in Oceanside, which was this cute ocean town with a fishing pier. We got out to stretch our legs and walked the pier down to this restaurant which was right on the end of the pier. I was wishing we never ate at McD's because that would have been a great place for lunch. After our walk we drove through the town a little and I would definitely love to stay there some time. If you were just looking for some beach time this would be the place to stay.


  1. Oh, it looks so lovely there! Great pictures, too. You all look so happy :)


  2. I bet the kids had an absolute blast on this spring break :). You all look so cute cute in the picts!!

  3. Great pics! I was born in Lompoc and we moved when I was 7 months old. I'd love to visit and take the family. Maybe one summer?

    BTW, I love your bag. Is that a Vera?


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