Saturday, March 22, 2008


After two days of going and going, we decided to take off today and just explore. We hopped in the car and followed our noses. Our first stop was in Mission Bay where we found an old roller coaster right on the beach and Roberto's which had some delicious fish tacos that Dave loved.

The beach was pretty too with lots of California bodies filling it. I would definitely need to use that treadmill and shed these last few pounds before I would fit in there or join the rest and find a nice plastic surgeon. I actually couldn't believe they were wearing little bikinis considering the wind was whipping through and the water was a frigid 58 degrees...uh no thanks! Needless to say we enjoyed the beach from the concrete path while wearing our jackets! Some nice New Yorker asked if he could take our picture which was super nice considering it just may be the only family picture we get our whole vacation.

After Mission Beach we headed north and discovered La Jolla. We found the Children's Pool where the seals come up on the beach to sun themselves. There was a neat bridge that allowed people to walk out to see them even closer. On the other side there was a little cove in between some cliffs where the kids and Dave walked out and played in the tide pools. Dylan enjoyed playing in the sand. You would never have guessed the kid lived by the ocean if you would have seen how into the sand he was! While Dave and Zoe were out walking on the rocks a seal came right up to them. Of course, I missed it with the camera, but it was so cool seeing them and then a little seal head pop out right behind them!
We ended our visit to La Jolla with some wonderful Gelati and then headed back into San Diego. We decided to tour the Gaslamp Quarter and had some delicious sushi for dinner. By the time dinner was over everybody was pretty exhausted so we are now back at the hotel getting ready to cuddle and watch Enchanted. Happy Saturday everybody!!

Tomorrow's Agenda...The San Diego Zoo!


  1. HEY!!! So fun to see picts from the vacation that you are STILL on!!! Wonderful pictures...y'all look like you are having SO much fun!!! :) Have a wonderful Easter and rest of vacation! xoxox

  2. These photos sure don't fit your snowy blog! ;-) Looks like you are having a wonderful time and you certainly deserve it after your hard work lately!

  3. Can't wait to hear about the zoo!


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