Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You've got to be kidding!

That is what I kept asking all day. Let me explain...

First of all...Board's...I know you all are probably just as excited as I am to get my portfolio finished and sent in so you don't have to listen to me anymore. But you have a few more weeks to go so just bear with me. Anyways, I am trying to get my last entry finished and this one is a science lesson with a strong math focus. The lesson I chose is about shadows. My students work with a partner and we go outside to trace our shadows. We trace in the morning, at noon, and right before dismissal. After tracing we measure the length of the shadow and record it in a data table. The data is then graphed showing the students that their shadow is long in the morning, short at noon, and getting longer again around dismissal time. They also realize that their shadow moves so we have great discussion about what is really moving....US. The kids love this lesson because it is so hands on, they get to be outside using chalk, and shadows really just interest most of them. After the kids collect and graph the data I have some worksheets for them to work on and then a project they are creating. This last part will be videotaped as the students work in groups and then I will have to analyze the video looking specifically for how I interact with my class. Sounds great right??!! What is my problem? The problem is that here in Delaware we have not had a sunny day in over a week and a half and sun is kind of well VITAL to create a shadow outside. I have pushed back my video three times now as I have been patiently waiting for sun. So I have rescheduled for Friday and I will videotape NO MATTER WHAT!

Then remember the field trip I had planned. Yeah that one. Well I rescheduled for tomorrow. Got the bus, got the chaperone's, got the permission slips, and everything was a go. That was until I called to confirm with the nursing home and was told we can't come because of a scheduling conflict. WHAAAAAT. So my forty-five minute ride home was calling chaperones and all my students to let them know what happened. The director asked if I could reschedule, but that isn't happening because next week our state test begins and then we have spring break so the month of March is pretty much a no go. So for now our field trip has been scratched!

Finally, and this should probably have been first was the fact that I received my evaluation this morning. It was very disappointing. My scores were not the problem, but the fact that it was never edited or probably even read before giving it to me makes me mad. It had spelling errors, had me marked as non-tenured when I am tenured, and did not even acknowledge important instruction that occurred during the observation. The real kicker was that on our evaluations we get commendations and recommendations. My commendation was that I do well with AT. AT in my school is Academically Talented a program that I have absolutely nothing to do with. Why oh why is that a commendation??!! Then my recommendation was to do something that was evident I did throughout the observation in the lesson analysis that was written. It is just frustrating because I am a person who thrives on critical feedback so I can continuously improve myself and my teaching practice and there was absolutely nothing on my eval that I could use. I also consider myself a go getter and I put everything I have into my job, which I think is evident in the fact I am attempting become a Nationally Board Certified Teacher. I was disappointed to realize that all the hard work I was putting in was not being recognized. It was frustrating! I know I need to remember that what I do I do for my students, but honestly is it too much to ask that your administrator to appreciate some of what you do?

I'm sorry for the whiny post! Only 23 days till the portfolio is due and my (along with Dave and the kids) life can return to normal. Oh and you all can begin to read something else than Board stuff!! Hang in there with me!


  1. What in the world? Whoever did your evaluation needs to get a rotten evaluation of his/her own. Hope your life gets less crazy and you get a chance to relax!
    Path to Health

  2. Ahhh, we all have our whiney posts and days. But with less than a month left? The end is in sight!!!


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