Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snowy's Florida Adventure

I was switching back and forth between my cell phone camera and real camera to record Snowy's adventures. Now that I have a card reader I can share some more pix of our adventures.

The first thing Snowy did when we got in our room was check out the view from our window. Then he hopped on the bed for a rest.
He mostly slept during the days, but sometimes I took him with me to the convention center

and one day he even jumped out of my bag to listen in on a session...

I think Downtown Disney may have been his favorite though because he got to hang out with princesses, check out a train, and even terrorize a Lego creation...

Here we are blowing kisses to everybody
before heading out to The Melting Pot to eat this

On our last day as we were walking around when we came across this interesting reminded him of a story one of his friends, Toto, once told him. Something about a time that he and his owner discovered they "weren't in Kansas any more".

Finally, before we left to come home he just had to have a picture in front of our hotel's fountain. He was very impressed with the enormous water bowl

I think Snowy enjoyed his first Florida adventure, but boy was he glad to be home with his Dylan again!!!


  1. thanks for stopping by and saying hello... love the pics of the dalmation, i told my nieces they need to do something like this over the summer when they go across country... pretty funny! :o)

  2. Oh the Melting Pot is my most favorite resteraunt on the planet! I'm waiting for the day they come to Canada! :)

  3. Looks like Snowy had a great time! Hope Mom did too. My employee, Robbie, takes "Bear" on business trips, so I'm used to seeing him expanding his horizons. He had a great time in San Diego, especially at the beach and has the pictures to prove it! Love, Aunt Steph


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